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Lex12 Carnal Ecstasy E-Sense

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Carnal Ecstasy

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Lex12's Disposable E-Sense use tobacco derived nicotine available in 0.6%, and has no tar, ash or flame. Each unit offers up to 700 puffs.

With the Carnal Ecstasy, savor the velvety, sweet aroma of an enticing apricot with the refreshing expertly blended flavors using tobacco derived nicotine that captures the essence of a fine after-dinner drink for a sophisticated encounter time and time again.

Brand Lex12,
Packaging Single,
Flavor Apricot Brandy,
Strength 6mg/0.6%,
Brand: Lex12
Packaging: Single
Flavor: Apricot Brandy
Strength: 6mg/0.6%