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Rossi Rubino Antico 8628 (6mm)

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Rubino (8628) (6mm)

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The Rossi Rubino offers a variety of shapes in a dark, smoky style. The matte finish provides a subtle contrast and warmth, as well as a superb smoothness in hand. The simple presentation, with the dusky briar, accented only by a nickel stem-ring allows the fine Italian shaping of these briars to speak for itself, resulting in an unpretentious look with a broad appeal, while the jet-black vulcanite stems offer a softer feel for those inclined to smoke their pipes clenched in the jaw. Taken all together, and offered at a very modest price, the Rubino has all the makings of a series that can be appreciated by both experienced pipe aficionados looking for an addition to their collection that will serve as a trusty smoker that won't need coddling and by those new to the pipe as an affordable and tasteful way to start out. The Rubino is offered in batches of one-dozen each, with the option of either a mix of both bent and straight designs, or, alternatively, a mix of bent shapes only.

Brand Rossi,
Material Briar,
Finish Smooth,
Brand: Rossi
Material: Briar
Finish: Smooth