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Smokey Mountain Cherry Herbal Snuff

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Cherry Snuff

10 Can Roll
10 Can Roll
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Cherry Snuff

Single Tin
Single Tin
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Smokey Mountain Cherry is a very smooth and flavorful cherry. This flavor is targeted toward adults who enjoy cherry or berry smokeless products.

If you are a traditional dipper looking for an FDA approved tobacco-free and nicotine-free alternative, then Smokey Mountain Snuff is your product. Their long cut loose non-tobacco snuff is designed to provide exceptional taste and superior mouthfeel. Made with hand-selected corn silk and kudzu root then mixed with a proprietary blend of ingredients and flavorings to produce a rich, smooth taste. All of their snuff brands are manufactured in small batches to ensure the highest quality standards. 10-can rolls or Single Tins.

Flavor: Cherry
Packaging: 10 Pack
Type: Smokeless