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Savinelli Tortuga Rustic Pipe (#626)

Savinelli Tortuga Rustic (#626)

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Savinelli Tortuga Rustic Pipe (#626). The Savinelli story started in 1876 when Archille Savinelli Sr. opened one of the first stores in the world exclusively selling smoking articles. The small shop, which is still at its original location, soon became a meeting place where passionate smokers could exchange opinions and discuss experiences. Savinelli continues to bring together smokers through their independent line of fine pipes, pipe tobacco and other smoking accessories. With unique precision and impeccable quality, Savinelli impresses anyone who has the privilege of using or smoking their products.
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Don't skimp, go for the Savanelli


Hadn't smoked a pipe for thirty years but picked a Savinelli Tortuga 626 out when I ordered a humidor. My brother had given me a pound of tobacco and one his older pipes he wasn't using any more to entice me start up again. Well, I used the pipe for awhile and while it was better than nothing, it just wasn't as easy to keep it going and it developed moisture rather easily. This new Savanelli is different like night and day. The balsa filter makes a huge difference in the moisture and the crackling. The bowl never gets beyond barely warm and almost never dies out. There's very few pipes that look as good too. I've smoked a bowl every night since I've received it and don't plan on changing. My cigars are going to last much much longer. There's not any possibility whatsoever, you could be disappointed in it.

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Savinelli pipe tobacco is a legendary brand that comes in several amazing varieties that include Armonia, Aroma, Black Cavendish, Cavendish, Special, and English Mixture. This Italian brand has been around for decades, and is known for its luxurious, quality blends. Savinelli tobaccos are processed with a range of Kentucky, Burley, Oriental, Virginia, and other fine quality tobacco to ensure that pipe enthusiasts get a winning smoke every time they take a puff. Savinelli perfectly balances their blends to give superb flavor that is unsurpassed. They offer everything from full-bodied tobacco, to sweet, mild, rich, and smooth flavors that will tempt and satisfy. Tortuga
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