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Humidors are Important for Cigar Storage

BnB Tobacco Cigar Articles cigars humidor models preserving your cigars storage temperatures

Smoking cigars are a great way to pass time for anyone who enjoys the flavor. They’re known to be associated with the finer things in life. It takes a certain individual to smoke a cigar, and some individuals smoke them only for special occasions, while others simply enjoy the taste and action of smoking. Whatever the reason, anyone who does know how important it is to properly store and maintain them for maximum freshness, moisture, and flavor has one. Purchasing a humidor from BnB Tobacco is a great investment because they protect the cigars from our environment. If you were to...

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The World of Sports and Cigars

athletes Cigar Articles cigars sports sports celebrations

Cigars and sports have been known to be joined together on many occasions. Whether it was in celebration after a victory, or seeing a famous current or former athlete smoking one, these two things have managed to go hand and hand. Is there anything in life more compatible than golf and cigars? While some may argue in favor of peanut butter & jelly, that certain someone would not be Michael Jordan. It would be questionable whether the greatest basketball player of all-time is even capable of completing a round of golf without the accompaniment of a fine cigar. The same can be...

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The Proper Way to Cut Your Cigar

cigar cutters Cigar How To's cigar smoking cigars cut point

Getting the most out of your cigar means you need to be able to properly cut off the tip to enjoy the aged tobacco. However, this needs to be done properly. Incorrectly cutting the cigar will result in you getting a less than ideal experience. Here’s the proper way in 3 steps to cut your cigar and enjoy your smoking experience: Step #1: The Cigar Cutter In order to cut your cigar like the professionals, you need to start with a quality cigar cutter. Using an inferior made cigar cutter will cause you to cut the end in the wrong position, causing the...

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The Popularity of Churchill Cigars

Churchill Cigar Cigar Articles cigars Cuba Dominican Republic England Prime Minister Winston Churchill U.S. UK

The smoking of cigars has always been a special treat for the rich, the accomplished, and the powerful. Cigar smoking in England became a ‘must have favorite experience’ as well as a status symbol of the rich and the powerful. In 1901, King Edward VII announced his acclaimed proclamation. Throughout history, men of leadership like writers, politicians, kings and famous actors have been known to have smoked the cigar. Such memorable stars like the comedian Groucho Marx, had always appeared with a cigar in his mouth. The famous producer of mystery thrillers, Alfred Hitchcock, was always seen puffing on a...

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Product of the Month: Rocky Patel Sun Grown Petit Corona 20 ct Box

BnB Tobacco Cigar Articles cigar smokers cigars little cigar Rocky Patel Sun Grown Petit Corona 2o ct Box

Cigar smokers who love a great little cigar may enjoy the Rocky Patel Sun Grown Petit Corona 20 ct Box. These are quality little cigars that cigar and sun worshipers everywhere enjoy as one of the best on the market. The cigars are part of the well-known Rocky Patel brand and those who enjoy them will enjoy these little wonders. The Rocky Patel Sun Grown Petit Corona 20ct Box is one of the products that you need. This is one of the quality products you can take advantage of when you are looking for Rocky Patel Cigars. The Petit Corona gives...

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