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Machine Made Cigar Brands

BnB Tobacco carries one of the most diverse and largest selections of high quality, dome... Read more

BnB Tobacco carries one of the most diverse and largest selections of high quality, domestic cigarillos and machine-made cigars on the web! We carry numerous premium brand name cigars that include but are not limited to Swisher Sweets, Phillies, Black & Mild, Dutch Masters, Game, Garcia y Vega, Backwoods and other quality brands.

If you want quality cigars right at your fingertips for some of the best prices on the web, then we are your go to source. If you are a cigar enthusiast that wants to sit back and enjoy your favorite tobacco products, you will not find a wider selection of machine-made cigars than the selection we have at BnB Tobacco.

As you can see from our extensive brand listing, we proudly provide one of the most extensive offerings of machine made cigar brands in the online tobacco market. We only provide brands that produce the highest quality and best machine made cigars. Our first two commitments to our customers are to provide both quality and quantity in our offerings. For the true smoking enthusiast, we want to be your one-stop shop for everything tobacco-related. Our third commitment is to bring our customers the best value that they can find in the tobacco market. The machine made cigar brands that we offer are all economically priced and will never leave a dent in your wallet. We have healthy and long-standing relationships with all of our tobacco product suppliers, which means that we are continually able to provide top-quality products at the best prices.

Why Choose Machine Made Cigars?

So, why should you choose machine made cigar brands over hand-rolled cigar brands or even cigars that you can roll yourself? Well, the first reason is that the best machine made cigars are well known for their consistency in their quality. When cigars are rolled exactly using the exact same components, you can trust that the smoking experience will be identical for each cigar in a pack. The second reason to choose machine made cigars simply comes down to cost. When machines make cigars, they can be mass-produced and sold at wholesale rates. This considerably reduces the retail rate for the cigars you are shopping for. So, if you love the taste and feel of smoking fine cigars, but want to shop more economically, we highly recommend choosing from our extensive collection of machine made cigar brands.

Enduring Quality

A fear that some cigar smokers have when considering machine made cigars is that the quality of the tobacco used is lesser than the quality you might find in a hand-rolled cigar or other fine tobacco product. It has been proven that this is not at all the case. Even though these cigar manufacturers use machines to produce their products, they still utilize the highest quality components and source top-quality tobacco to incorporate into their cigars. So, when you buy machine made cigars, you can trust that the smoking experience will be just as pleasurable and even give you a better bang for your buck.