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Blunt Wrap Brands

A blunt wrap or cigar wrap is an outer wrapper used to hold a blunt together. They are t... Read more

A blunt wrap or cigar wrap is an outer wrapper used to hold a blunt together. They are typically made from tobacco leaves and may feature different flavors and aromas to affect your smoking experience.  Many smokers also feel that blunt wraps offer a different experience than traditional tobacco rolling papers. They may produce more smoke than rolling papers and provide a smoother, slower, and more even burn. Blunt wraps are also highly versatile; you can fill them with as much or as little herb/tobacco as you want. Shop our large selection and discover your new favorite blunt wrap. We offer free shipping on all orders over $199.  Available blunt wrap brands include Double Platinum, Good Times, Juicy, Leaf Tobacco, High Hemp, Royal Blunts, Natty Hemp, Zig Zag, Hemp Zone, and whole tobacco leafs.

Blunt wraps are one of the many essential tools for an herb smoker and can be made from traditional cigar papers, traditional tobacco leaves, to innovative new materials. Many wraps made from tobacco leaves are either created from a single leaf or multiple, sold with an inner paper wrapper and an outer, thicker wrapper. Blunt wrap brands may choose to provide flavored options or options from healthier, more environmentally friendly fibers. Many people enjoy cannabis smoke in cigar format—a marijuana cigarette often referred to as a blunt, hence: blunt wraps.

Why Use Blunt Wraps?

We touched on this with our excellent blog article: Everything You Needed To Know About Blunt Wraps in 2022, but people love using them due to their superb flavor and scent. Smoke from the wrap contains a small amount of nicotine, and the taste of a natural tobacco leaf or a flavored wrap can influence the enjoyment of your smoking experience. Due to the thickness, you enjoy much smoother, slow, and far more even burn than paper. They also are exceedingly versatile and can hold more significant amounts of the flower.

Rolling papers are a bit more difficult to handle than blunt wraps. If you have any hand mobility issues or are a beginner to rolling, you might find using paper a frustrating experience. Trying first with a blunt wrap may be more manageable.

What Kind of Blunt Wraps Are there?

Along with tobacco leaf wraps, blunt wrap brands use materials like hemp, rose petals, flax, rice, wood pulp, palm leaf, and flavored. Depending on the blunt wrap brands, they may also offer a selection of self-wrapping and mini blunt wraps.

Which Ones Are Best For Me?

The ideal blunt wrap brand for you will always be a personal decision based on your preferences. To make it easier to choose a brand, you will love, ask yourself a few questions:

• Do I want the flavor of tobacco and the addition of a bit of nicotine to my smoke? If so, you will probably enjoy using tobacco leaf blunt wraps.

• Do I want something sweeter, like candy or fruit, added to the flavor of the smoke? If you do, look for a blunt made from alternatives like hemp, flax, rice, natural herbals, or flavored blunt wraps.

• Do I want a more pure experience without nicotine, tobacco, or flavored influence? You would probably enjoy untreated and unflavored hemp blunts.

With over 20 of the most popular blunt wrap brands available at BnB tobacco, we're confident that you'll find the ideal blunt wrap for you. Each logo below is linked to our blunt wrap brands selections so you can browse easily. Find your favorite or a new one to try, click on the logo or brand name, and you'll be taken to a page offering you all our excellent stock of that brand's products.

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