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Filtered Cigar Brands

BnB Tobacco carries one of the largest selection of Filtered Cigars brands online. Filtered Ci... Read more

BnB Tobacco carries one of the largest selection of Filtered Cigars brands online. Filtered Cigars offer a variety of affordable smoking experiences. Whether it's the extra flavor or the smooth natural taste of tobacco you want, we have you covered.

At BnB Tobacco, we're proud to offer one of the widest selections of cigarillo brands on the online tobacco market. We have over 40 of the most premium little cigar brands available on our site, along with a multitude of other fine tobacco products in stock. Our best-selling filtered cigar brands include Remington, Cheyenne, Prime Time, and Captain Black. We also offer a wide variety of hemp little cigars for those who prefer to enjoy some CBD while they smoke. Some of the brands we carry include CBD Zone, Blaz Hemp, Wild Hemp, and PureHemp Smokes.

Classic Filtered Cigars

We have the cigarillo brands to suit every taste and preference. If you are a smoker who enjoys pure premium tobacco's smooth and rich taste, then we have quite a few excellent unflavored options. We would like to personally recommend either the Cheyenne Classic Little Cigars or the Talon Sweet Original Little Cigars. These little cigar brands are known for their quality and dedication to using only the best quality tobacco in their products. Rest assured that your smoking experience is safe in their hands.

Flavored Filtered Cigars

If you are someone who enjoys adding a little more flavor to your smoking experience, then we have dozens of flavored filtered cigar brands available to you. If you enjoy a sweet fruity flavor in your cigarillo, then we have everything from cherry and grape to peach and strawberry. For those with more of a sweet tooth, we also feature brands with flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and sweet mint. And if you're looking for something with a more alcoholic flavor, we have cigarillos in stock that are flavored like peach rum, apricot brandy, and even wine. When we said that we have an option to suit every palate and preference, we weren't kidding!

We specialize in offering premium tobacco products made with only the highest quality components. All of the cigarillo brands we offer come from well-respected companies known for their fine tobacco and hemp products. If you enjoy our selection of little cigar brands, then check out the other fine tobacco product lines we have available! If you're looking for some great deals and savings, then sign up for our e-mail list to receive all of the latest updates! And don't forget to join our free loyalty program for even more savings