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3 Benefits of Purchasing Machine Made Cigars

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Most websites are stuck in the past, toting lies that confuse the consumer, convincing him that the only cigars worth buying are hand made cigars, but those bias misconceptions are currently being proven wrong. Here are three extremely real benefits to buying machine made cigars. 1. Respect Your Wallet People assume that because hand-made cigars have a much higher sticker price that why must be the best of the best, but just because a cigar is more expensive doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a better cigar. Sure, it’s fun to flash around an pricey piece to puff on, but it really...

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Handmade Cigars vs. Machine-Made Cigars

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Most novice cigar smokers believe that there are only two kinds of cigars. They make an assumption that they have a choice to make between machine-made cigars or hand-rolled cigars. That’s an incorrect assumption. Whether a cigar smoker prefers handmade cigars or machine-made cigars usually comes down to what type of smoker they are. How often they want to smoke cigars and their ability to afford that amount of cigar smoking determines what type of a cigar smoker they are. That’s the reason it’s important for any new cigar smoker to understand the difference between hand-rolled cigars, machine rolled cigars...

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