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BnB Tobacco Monthly Spotlight: Herrera Esteli Norteno

cigar Herrera Esteli Norteno stogie wrapper

BnB Tobacco Monthly Spotlight: Herrera Esteli Norteno

A delicious Nicaraguan cigar and #7 on 2016’s Top 25 Cigar list, the Herrera Esteli Norteno is a 94 rated Nicaraguan and Honduran cigar wrapped in a beautiful San Andres wrapper.

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Herb and Spice Flavors in Your Cigar

cigar Cigar Articles flavors herb spices

  Sometimes cigar aficionados get caught up and full of themselves when it comes to infused, or flavored cigars. They forget that sometimes it’s OK to smoke something not ultra premium as a one off or a treat every now and again. They also get wrapped up in some of the information and myths that were perpetuated years ago about certain sticks or manufacturers. As early as a few year, flavored cigars (think Dutch Masters or White Owl) were the standard for flavored or infused cigars. But times have changed, and several infused manufacturers are now producing high-quality hand rolled...

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What To Look For in A Cigar Wrapper Leaf

cigar Cigar Articles Cigar How To's tips tobacco wrapper what to look for

In the real estate world, the mantra is: Location, Location, Location. In the world of cigar tobacco, location is important, but there is more to a wrapper than what kind of leaf it is, or where it was grown. Don’t misunderstand: these things are important, but there are other obvious things to look for in wrappers. I’d say the mantra for cigar wrappers should be Quality, Visual, and Location. Here’s why they’re important: Quality: Describes the overall fineness of the wrapper leaves. Generally, wrappers should be aged for a year or two before they are used to help the flavors...

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The 3 Leaves

cigar Cigar Articles leaf Ligero Seco tobacco Volado

Any avid cigar smoker can tell you that where you get the tobacco, and how it’s grown are major contributing factors in the quality of the cigar, but there’s more to it than that. The different types of tobacco leaves and how they’re used in the cigar contribute to the overall flavor, strength, and size of the cigar. It may not seem like vital information, but whether you’re considering rolling your own cigars, or just want to cement your status as a cigar aficionado, its worth knowing in order to truly appreciate the smoking experience. There are three types of...

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The Art of Lighting a Woman’s Cigar

cigar Cigar Articles lighting smoking women

There were days not so long ago when smoking was a sort of social introduction. Those were the days when a man could smoothly light a cigar for a woman and it was an opportunity to briefly converse and interact with her in a social setting. This single action was the sophisticated answer to the awkward obstacle of breaking the ice. With the number of women who smoke tobacco dwindling and the cultural switch to electronic alternatives, it is important to know exactly how to give a woman a light without having to hesitate or fumble if you are ever...

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