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Bringing Back to Life Those Hard and Shriveled Stogies



They are times when a cigar enthusiast comes across the feared matter of having to deal with a shriveled and hard stogie. In fact, it stinks when your prized ones aren’t even ready to smoke. The dryness allows it to burn overly tight, causing it to lose a lot of flavors that have been accurately crafted.

So, instead of throwing them away or not doing anything about it, read on to find out how you can revive them.

Here's the Solution

These steps will assist you in your stogie revival process:

Step #1: Decisions

Are you gonna keep the cellophane on the stogie? In the utmost instances, start with the cellophane on to steadily re-hydrate the cigar, and remove it once it’s slightly less stiff. This is because cellophane slows down the revival process. If the humidity expands, it can cause the wrapper to break forcibly into parts at the cigar’s ends, leading to expansion before the rest of it can. Any rapid uptick in moisture can be detrimental to the stogie.

Step #2: Grab a Plastic Resealable Bag with One Water Pillow

The reason you’re doing this is to slowly maximize moisture, thus steering clear of possibly wrecking the stogie’s shape. It’s also recommended to place a hygrometer gauge in the bag to monitor humidity levels.

Step #3: Once Your Stogie Reaches a Softer State

This is where you can throw in another water pillow to reach the ideal 65%-75% humidity level.

Final Step: Feel the Stogie to Know if It’s Ready to Be Smoked

If the stogie is to a small degree squashy, or if it sort of quickly moves back to its form when compressed, this means it has a full rounded shape and is ready to be lit and smoked.

Keep These Tips/Steps Handy

Hopefully this quick process helps bring your cigars back to life and allows you to enjoy your favorite hobby while saving you some extra cash.

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