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A Suit and a Cigar

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man wearing a suit and lighting a cigar

There's just something about the combination of a fine suit and a high-quality cigar that makes women swoon and men feel envious. If you're a cigar smoker who wants to make an impression, a tailored suit is exactly what you need. This timeless look always turns heads for the right reasons. That's because it's the perfect balance between luxurious and masculine. 


Have you ever noticed that a man in an expensive suit with a cigar in hand tends to draw all the attention in the room? This look never fails to impress. A man who smokes cigars and wears fine suits is often seen as an authority. Perhaps this is because this combination instantly evokes memories of famous powerful men such as James Bond, Orson Welles and Cary Grant. Therefore, it's safe to say that if you want to be taken seriously when you walk into a room, invest in a high-quality suit and light up that cigar. 

Financial Success

We all tend to associate the combination of a suit and a cigar with financial wealth. We assume that only wealthy men can afford to buy expensive suits and take up cigar as a hobby. If you want everyone in the room to think that you're financially successful, this combination never fails. 


A man who wears a suit and smokes cigars is often seen as having integrity. It means that he cares about how he looks and has an appreciation for the finer things in life. It also demonstrates that he cares about his appearance in an extremely masculine way. 


When we see a man smoking a stogie in a suit, our minds flood with images of famous men throughout history. That's because this look is as timeless as it gets. In the old days, men like Clark Gable and John F. Kennedy were never seen without a cigar in hand and a flawlessly tailored suit on their body. 

By smoking a cigar in a suit, you're telling those around you that you're not preoccupied with fleeting trends. Instead, you're a man who appreciates a classic look. 

Fine Taste

Wearing a suit while smoking a cigar shows that you have impeccable taste. A suit that's been perfectly tailored and constructed of fine materials demonstrates your exceptional style. The cigar acts as the finishing touch, giving your look a flair of effortless masculinity. 

Of course, it is important to buy the right suit if you want to impress others. Always go for a look that's classic rather than trendy. While trends come and go, a high-quality suit never goes out of style. 

That Strong Impression Matters

To truly make a strong impression, consider investing in a high-quality suit and packing some cigars. You'll be amazed by the treatment that you get just by rocking this classic, refined look. After all, you really can't go wrong with a timeless style.

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