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News — Montecristo

The Top Cigars to Celebrate at a Wedding

Cigar Articles Cigar Reviews cigars Cohiba Montecristo Romeo y Julieta wedding

“A cigar is as good as memories that you have when you smoked it.” -Raul Julia A fine cigar is the perfect way to celebrate a wedding day. But what is the perfect cigar for the guests, the groom, the groomsman or even the bride to enjoy on the special day? Here are 6 choices we came up with: Cigar Choice #1: Cohiba Cigars This always a great first choice. This fine cigar is a classy pick that delivers a pleasant aroma and leaves the palate with a pleasing aftertaste. Some cigars leave a harsh aftertaste but the Cohiba will enhance everyone’s wedding experience....

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Top 3 Cigars to Smoke For May From BnB Tobacco

Cigar Reviews May Montecristo Padron premium cigars Romeo y Julieta smoking

The premium cigars that have been chosen for the cigars of the month of May include: Romeo y Julieta, Montecristo, and Padron premium cigars. Padron Premium Cigars: These cigars are handmade with 100% blends of Dominican tobacco. These cigars are ideal for everyday cigar smokers, as well as for remarkable occasions. These cigars come in a quality type series. Each series has a one of a kind enjoyable flavors with particular features. Each cigar varies in the distinctive tastes, while having a steady and long lasting burning pace. Montecristo Premium Cigar: These brands have extravagant quality that is achieved when smoking. The...

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Top 4 Cigar Hollywood Smokers of All-Time

Cigar Articles cigars Hollywood Montecristo smoking Top 4

Hollywood and cigar smoking have gone together for decades, with the image of a big-time executive or famous actor smoking a quality cigar. To them, a large cigar is a sign that they’ve made it to a high level within the entertainment industry. In terms of Hollywood actors, there’s a long list but we’ve narrowed it down to these celebrities. Celebrity #4: Jack Nicholson Jack is perhaps the most famous actor of the second half of the 20th century. He has been an on/off cigar smoker since the 1970s when he filmed The Last Detail which found himself smoking Cuban...

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Montecristo White Churchill

Cigar Reviews Montecristo

Montecristo is the name of two different cigar brands, one which produces for Habanos SA in Cuba, and the other which produces for Altadis SA in the Dominican Republic. The original brand created the second branch so that it could continue to sell cigars to the United States. The Montecristo White Churchill is one of the Dominican Republic cigars, measuring 7.0″ x 54 and contained in a Connecticut/Ecuadorian Shade grown wrapper. This is definitely a beautiful cigar: the light tan wrapper features an ultra smooth surface almost entirely devoid of veins. The cigar is firm but features just the slightest...

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