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The Dos and Don’ts When Cleaning Your Humidor

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Before you even start thinking about cleaning your humidor- Stop! Why are you thinking about doing it? Have you discovered mold on your humidor or cigars? Have you recently been the victim of a tobacco beetle infestation? Have you maybe used bad water to recharge your humidor and have scale buildup? Do you have a lot of Tobacco dust and debris in your humidor? Other than these reasons, or if you just haven’t done it for a few months or more, you probably don’t really need to clean your humidor. In order for it to do the job it was...

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The Top 3 Summer Cigar Destinations

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“Summertime, and the livin’ is easy.” – Ella Fitzgerald Summer traveling is the perfect time to enjoy a good cigar and take in a few of America’s best sites. A good cigar adds special flavor to a summer trip. We’ve come up with these top 3 cigar destinations in the United States. Destination Spot #1: The Florida Keys The Florida Keys are America’s southernmost tip. Key West is the best place to enjoy a summer cigar in the United States. The area has deep roots in the world’s cigar culture. Many of the local cigar makers have strong Cuban cigar...

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The Lore of the NBA Championship Cigar Celebrations

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“He was the one person who smoked cigars in the Fleet Center; it was a non-smoking venue.” -Bill Russell on Red Auerbach. A great victory deserves a great cigar. Championships in all sports, and often in all aspects of life, are cerebrated with victory cigars. For this article, we’re going to take a look at victory cigars that have a special place in NBA Championship Finals lore and legend. When fans think of NBA Championships, they think of Red Aurebach. And when anyone thinks of Aurebach, besides his legendary basketball career as a coach and an executive, they think of his...

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Smoking Pipes Have Come a Long Way

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Pipe smoking started taking place with the Native Americans and was used throughout their Shamanistic Rituals. The design of the pipe consists of a chamber for the tobacco to go in, with a thin hollow stem that comes out of the chamber and ending with a mouthpiece. Pipes are ordinarily made from briar wood, meerschaum, corncob, or clay. Additionally, there are minerals that’re used such as catlinite and soapstone. There are several different styles of pipes that have been developed over the years, such as the briar pipe, meerschaum pipe, clay pipe, corncob pipe, churchwarden pipe, venturi pipe, and falcon...

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How to Make a Cigar Guitar Box

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Cigar box guitars are not new. However, there has been a renaissance in the art of making and playing them. Since the ancient days, cigar boxes and homemade guitars made through budding musicians who, in general, came from impoverished countryside regions. The blues are related to these fascinating instruments.  So, here is how you can build one: Decide If You Want to Create a Left Handed or Right Handed Guitar A right handed guitar includes the neck slanted towards the left. The tuning pegs on the left and the tail is on the right. A left handed guitar is an...

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