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How Strong Is Too Strong of a Cigar?

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  Avoiding Cigars That Are Too Strong The potency of a cigar can be too high for some casual smokers. Recently, cigar companies have been making stronger cigars that can burn your throat and tongue as well as make your stomach upset if you are not use to the strength. Here are a few options that may help you find a cigar that is right for you here at Bnb Tobacco. Different Types of Cigars and Their Benefits The amount of nicotine in a cigar is what will make them too strong for casual smokers. Cigars that have been made...

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Cigarillos vs. Large Cigars – A Size Comparison

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  While some cigar smokers become attached to one specific cigar size, many lovers of the leaf enjoy different cigar sizes based on the specific smoking situation. While most serious cigar enthusiasts enjoy the traditional range of larger cigar sizes, the cigarillo will always have it’s place in the humidor. The cigarillo size provides a variety of benefits for every cigar lover, and the right cigarillo smoked at just the right time can be a perfect smoking experience just like smoking a large cigar. About Cigarillos Premium cigarillos, or small cigars, are cigars enclosed with dried tobacco leaf and are...

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4 Key Tips For Choosing Your First Stogie

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  Breaking into cigars can be very challenging but also very rewarding. Few things are better than relaxing at the end of the day with a group of friends and enjoying each other’s company, a drink, and a great cigar. But how to you go from the first time you buy a cigar to being comfortable enough to chit chat with others about what they’re smoking? By smoking, of course. In this article, we’re going to examine 4 key tips for breaking into the cigar world. However, if you take nothing else away from this, remember that only you know...

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Convert that Wine Cooler to a Giant Humidor

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  When a cigar smoker becomes a cigar collector, they often end up with a LOT of sticks. Some want them to age for a long time, and others they buy to collect, smoke, and maybe share with friends or trade. Whatever the reason they get into collecting, the point is that proper storage with respect to relative humidity (RH%) and temperature becomes even more important and costly. If the collector is going the traditional route of desktop humidors, or even a standing humidor chest, the price tag can get into the thousands of dollars depending on the capacity. Enter...

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How to Remedy a Funky Humidor

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  An odor in your humidor isn’t only unpleasant, it could be a sign of serious issues in the works. This is one of the reasons you should be monitoring your humidor very frequently – check it at least once per week. However, even with diligence, it’s possible that you could develop an issue from mold or just from not cleaning your box frequently enough. It’s important to note that a musty smell might be an early warning sign of mold, so if you smell this, you want to check your cigars and clean or deodorize the humidor using the...

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