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Quality Cigar Lighters for Prices You Can Afford

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There are many different types of cigar lighters on the market, so you will need to determine which type might be best for your needs. From triple torch lighters and table top lighters to butane and regular tobacco lighters, we carry a wide selection to suit all tastes and preferences. Your smoke won’t be much of a smoke unless you can get it lit, so having a good lighter on hand is important! Here at BnB tobacco, we are a leading online provider of cigar lighters, hookahs, discount cigarettes, vaporizers, premium cigars, e-liquid, tobacco related products, and a huge range of accessories. We offer outstanding customer service, rock bottom prices, quality products, fast delivery, and a guarantee that all tobacco products that are purchased will be fresh. Don’t settle for cheap cigars from your local store down the street, when you can have the best cigars and accessories that money can buy right here at BnB Tobacco. Browse our website for further information.


Based on 31 reviews

Great product and great service as usual

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Never received any of my

Based on 12 reviews

Never received any of my $60.00 order..its. Been over 2 months since my Credit card was debited..! Still NO SMOKES!

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Bugatti Torch

Based on 5 reviews

Easy to use and perfect every time!

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Steampunk lighter

Based on 3 reviews

I love the looks of this thing, though I thought it would be larger. However, the size is just fine. Once one gets it lit, it could set off smoke alarms. lol

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Good stuff

Based on 3 reviews

Works really well,but only in their lighters.

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Based on 2 reviews

Great service

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Vertigo twin flame lighter

Based on 2 reviews

Awesome describes it. Easy to light large cigar. Highly recommend

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Did not recieve it yet.

Based on 1 review

Also missing oncan of Paladin Black Cherry?

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everything that was advertised

Based on 1 review

Works great!! very satisfied!

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Great lighter

Based on 1 review

The pipeline is my everyday lighter. I love it so much i bought a second for my car. The tamper works good its a little small but does its job. The fuel capacity is decent. You will love this lighter if you buy it.

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