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Cigar Lighters at BnB Tobacco

Based on 20 reviews

Super, dependable ...

Based on 8 reviews

Super, dependable lighter. Lights easy - and always.

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wow! Until now, I always ...

Based on 4 reviews

wow! Until now, I always light my cigars with a regular $2 lighter. I got this as a gift. I never thought I'd like it, but now that I have it, I can't imagine how I got by before. Best gift ever!

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pretty cool

Based on 2 reviews

Nice looking decal plus refillable!Thinking about getting another one.

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Excellent torch

Based on 2 reviews

Very nice. Love the punch cutter

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nice looking

Based on 1 review

cliopper quality dressed in popular camo patterns

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Great lighters!

Based on 1 review

These lighters are highly functional, reliable & they look great. What a deal!

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