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Mixture No. 79 Pipe Tobacco

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1.5oz x 6 Pouches
1.5oz x 6 Pouches
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14oz Tin
14oz Tin
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Sutliff Tobacco Company; one of the longest operating pipe tobacco manufacturers in the states. This is the company that came up with the iconic Mixture No. 79 blend. The Mixture No. 79 is an array of phenomenal burley tobaccos that is mild-medium bodied with a distinct flavor and aromatic style. This old American blend has a unique flavor and aroma with hints of spice that quickly fill a room.

Packaging 1.5oz x 6 Pouches, 14oz Tin,
Strength Mild-Medium,
Tobacco Burley,
Flavor Non Flavored,
Packaging: 1.5oz x 6 Pouches 14oz Tin
Strength: Mild-Medium
Tobacco: Burley
Flavor: Non Flavored