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Velvet Pipe Tobacco

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Velvet Pouches

1.5oz x 5 Pouches
1.5oz x 5 Pouches
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Velvet Pouches

1.5oz Pouch
1.5oz Pouch
$5.99 Save 14%
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Velvet Can

7oz Tin
7oz Tin
$20.99 Save 32%
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Made from the best sun-ripened Kentucky burley tobacco aged to mellow perfection in nature's slow but sure way. 

Brand Velvet,
Packaging 1.5oz x 6 Pouches, 12oz Tin,
Strength Mild-Medium,
Tobacco Burley,
Flavor Mellow,
Brand: Velvet
Packaging: 1.5oz x 6 Pouches 12oz Tin
Strength: Mild-Medium
Tobacco: Burley
Flavor: Mellow