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Captain Black Regular Pipe Tobacco (White) 12oz Tin

Captain Black Regular Pipe 12oz Tin

Retail: $45.99
You Save: $6.00
Product Information
Captain Black White Pipe Tobacco, a rich black cavendish tobacco made by Lane Limited. It's mild, delightfully aromatic and made in the USA. It is a great tobacco with a very pleasant room note.
Brand: Type: Pipe Tobacco Manufacturer:
Strength: Medium Flavor: Natural Packaging: Tin
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Customer Service


I had trouble placing my order. Customer Service placed it for me and the tobacco came through OK. Thank you.

by on

Captain Black Pipe tobacco and Swisher sweets Outlaws


I get ask for and evaluation each time I order. BnB and their products are always excellent.

by John on 7/21/2014

5 Stars


Captain Black (white) is my all time favorite!!

by W on 5/1/2014

Worked out well.What I wanted,


Worked out well.What I wanted, got what I wanted, good condition

by John on 4/19/2014

Excellent taste


Been smoking this for over 20 years!

by John on 3/9/2014

Captain Black Purchase


Delivered on the second day after I placed my order. They have always been timely on deliveries and never out of stock.

by Robert on 3/20/2014

Excellent product - service a problem


Product is great! Service with my last order continues to be a problem. I have written 2 emails over the last week and have yet to get a response. I tried the Chat area but it was down.|With my last order (not the most recent one) I ordered 3 day shipping and paid accordingly. The product arrived in 5 days (even this is unusual). I contacted BnB and was told I would receive a credit with my next

by Bob on 8/10/2013

Best there is


I have tried others but have smoked Capt. Black for 35 years. I have had several woman what it is. "I like the aroma I want my husband to try it"

by Pyro-Dick on 6/28/2013

Smoker Tested - General Public Approved!


Capt. Black [white] Outstanding always above board can't get any better. If it is not broke - "Then don't fix it".

by Brownsville on 6/24/2013

B 'n B's communications' mis-steps


B 'n B's communications' mis-steps are that whoever writes them begins them with "hello" which would indicate a promonition on that person's part that he or she is ultimately headed for the destination that is not heaven.

by Jesus Christ on 5/21/2013

Great quality top notch!


Been using this brand for many many years. Top quality and a great smoke! BnB always comes through with great prices.

by Alex on 4/4/2013

I would buy this product again and agai


Product always comes when they say it will and packaged right.

by forza2551 on 9/21/2012

I will continue to buy Captain Black


Smoke a Pipe great way to relax

by Buzz on 8/26/2012

I am very happy with your service.


I smoke pipe tobacco. Capt. Black (white)

by Fr. Guy on 8/20/2012

prompt shipping good product


Captain Black is a great brand of pipe tobacco not too smooth and not too strong.

by Rog on 4/28/2012

Great Service and pricing.


I buy mainly Captain Black pipe tobacco in the cans. It is always fresh and is delivered to me in a timely manner.

by Tim on 4/20/2012

I always enjoy the pipe tobacco!


All is well with this product especially with the service. Thanks

by Stripper 1 on 4/17/2012

Very good product


Good clean pipe smoke

by Samuel on 4/17/2012

Great Company. Always fresh and on time


Been buying for years and they are extremely helpful and products always fresh. Never any complaints.

by fap on 4/14/2012

Convevient and quick


Ordering and delivery are easy and on time.|On occasions the pipe tobacco (captain black white in 12 oz tin)is a bit on the dry side. It's neccessary to put it in a humador for 1-2 weeks.

by none on 9/19/2013



Captain Black (with the white label) is the only aromatic that for me 1) doesn't coat my mouth with gunk 2) has a sweet taste that's not TOO sweet 3) is available almost everywhere and 4) is popularly priced.

by Jared on 7/17/2013

captin black


good product good price great service

by edd on 5/13/2013

I have smoked KB for 25 years


I love this tobacco but local taxes have driven the price beyound what I want to pay. Even with freight I get a significant savings with B&B and I always order when the free freight offers appear. Great fast service.|I would love them to sell in bulk as well as I hate paying for the packaging.

by Wizard on 9/2/2012

Ship Quickly


I have been dealing with BnB for about three months. I like the fact that they ship quickly and have never been out of stock.

by Bob on 4/18/2012

Best smelling smoke ask all the people


Everyone who walks by says they love the aroma!!

by snowsport on 11/23/2013

Fantastic !!!!


Captain Black is my favorite pipe tobacco. It taste delicious

by Gerardo on 9/25/2014

Loved it for the last 30 years


I had custom blends made when I was in my 30's. Since then I have settled on Captain Black and I am content. I have found a new source that is the same price as b&b but provides free shipping. I always got very good service here and would recommend them to anyone.

by William on 9/28/2014

Arrived as ordered - promptly.


Arrived as ordered - promptly.

by Leonardo on 10/2/2014

Great Service


Great price, great service what more to say???

by richard on 10/3/2014

Great Service


Great Service, delivery almost aways in 2 business days and never a back order in past three years.

by Robert on 11/20/2014

Stupid question


If it wasn't good would I keep ordering it, DAH

by richard on 11/22/2014

I like the tobacco very


I like the tobacco very much and have been smoking it for 35+ years.

by Gilbert on 12/1/2014

Customer Service


I had troule placing my order but customer service quickly placed the order for me. Tobacco has arrived and in good shape.

by John on 12/6/2014



Great as always

by Robert on 12/14/2014

Tin availability


Regarding my last order. How come I got a message regarding the availability of tins?

by W on 12/26/2014

Lastest Order on Time


Placed my order just before Christmas and hoped for the best but it arrived right on time. Never a back order or a delay.

by Robert on 12/29/2014

Always dependable


Whether I order over the phone or IPad, it always comes quickly and correctly.

by Paul on 2/5/2015

Excellent !


Smooth and mellow. Always available at stores in remote places. People love the smell.

by Mike on 2/20/2015

Latest order


My order arrived right on time but I was concerned that it would arrive as I did not get the normal shipping notice which allow you to follow the delivery route.

by Robert on 2/23/2015



As always nice job

by robert on 2/26/2015

Not everyone that smokes tobacco likes to do so with cigarettes or various forms of cigars. For these individuals we offer Captain Black Premium Pipe Tobacco. Once you purchase this premium pipe tobacco it will be very easy to see why Captain Black is the world's largest provider of pipe smoking blends and tobaccos. With a countless variety of tobacco to choose from: Full flavor, light, ultra-light, regular, and even royal blend pipe tobacco for those seeking a truly premium experience. Starting at only $34.99 for six 1.5 oz packages it is hard to match both the value and quality of this pipe tobacco product.

If you find yourself becoming a fan of Captain Black Pipe Tobacco then their selection of little cigars might be worth your time to check out as well. With flavors such as original, peach rum, sweet, vanilla, and cherry, these 200 count little cigars are perfect when you need a quick fix of Captain Black. With savings of up to $5.00 these top quality little cigars make the perfect addition to any order of Captain Black pipe tobacco.

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