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BnB Tobacco carries the largest and most diverse offering of domestic machine-made cigars and cigarillos on the web! Popular brands such as Swisher Sweets, Black & Mild, Phillies, Dutch Masters, Garcia y Vega, Game, Backwoods and more are available at your fingertips with low prices and a variety of discount specials every day. For those wishing to sit back and enjoy their favorite tobacco products, you will not find a wider selection of machine-made cigars than the selection at BnB Tobacco. Be sure to check out our huge selection of accessories and other tobacco products to make sure you have everything you need to enjoy your favorite machine-made cigars!

Top Reviewed Machine Made Cigar Brands

Top Reviewed Machine Made Cigars

Long ago, my dad use to ...

Based on 22 reviews

Long ago, my dad use to smoke a pipe, and he smoked Prince Albert tobacco. In memory of him, I got a pipe and looked for that Prince Albert brand. I liked the price that BnB offered. When it came, the aroma from the freshly opened can almost brought tears to my eyes of fishing with my dad and going on long walks with him. I remembered how he placed coins in those tin cans. The smoke I had with those fresh memories was the best I've had in a long while.

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My fiance' loves this ...

Based on 20 reviews

My fiance' loves this cigar. I remember the first time he tried it. He ranted and raved about how smooth it was. He also liked the flavor. I came to tis site because I wanted t surprise him with a box of 60 instead of paying 1.00ea.

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How many are in a box?

Based on 14 reviews

How many are in a box?

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A very mild but sweet ...

Based on 14 reviews

A very mild but sweet flavored cigar with lots of aroma A Flavor that is unforgetable and stays with you awhile.The pipe tobacco aroma is exquisite! VERY ENJOYABLE!

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Phillies Little Cigars Natural 100s Cart

Based on 11 reviews

Delivery right on time. I would be glad too pay the HIGHER price for the "OLD" Philies 100 Naturals. I have some of both and switch back and forth. New one tastes like imported from over seas. Bad!!! I"am sorry I had to write this review, but I have been smoking old ones for 15 years. I DO KNOW THE DIFFERENCE!!!! ROB

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