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Buy Discount Little Cigars Little cigars are enjoyed by cigar smokers all around the world, and they offer numerous benefits that keep cigar smokers coming back for more time and time again. Little cigars are great to smoke on the go since they don’t take near as long as a regular cigar to smoke and they are flavorful, convenient, and affordable. Here at BnB Tobacco we have a wide selection of top brand name cigars such as Captain Black, Hav a Tampa, Winchester, and other premium brands. When you come to us for your favorite little cigars, you will get amazing deals, quality products, and excellent customer service. We also carry a range of accessories and other tobacco related products, so you can find everything you need and more right here at BnB.

Top Reviewed Little Cigar Brands

Top Reviewed Little Cigars

Cherokee full flavor

Based on 53 reviews

Awesome product. I was a Marlboro medium aka red label smoker. This tobacco is almost the identical flavor for me. Not to mention the health benefits of chemical free tobacco. Word to the wise, the company "just good tobacco " is a joke they scammed my father, showed him bnb and he is a proud customer as well now.

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Captain Black Pipe tobacco and Swisher sweets Outlaws

Based on 25 reviews

I get ask for and evaluation each time I order. BnB and their products are always excellent.

View Captain Black Regular Pipe 12oz Tin details...

Delivery time

Based on 47 reviews

I think you need to change to time it takes to ship. I have ordered Tobacco from other places and it gets to me fast. I still have yet to receive the tobacco from the order. I can not give a review because I have NOT gotten the produce yet!!!!!

View Cherokee Original Pipe Tobacco 16oz details...

Nice & Smooth

Based on 40 reviews

I just started rolling my own cigarettes about a month ago, Its been really hard to find a tobacco i liked! These local store's sell stale, old, dry tobacco... i was about to give up on rolling my own!! then I heard about BnB, and this was my last draw.. so i took a chance and ordered Cherokee Mellow!! I received it in the mail today!!! And let me tell you... BEST stuff I've had.. its smooth and FRESH!! I LOVE IT!! Almost like smoking a Marlboro!! I will be buying this regular!!! THANK YOU BnB!!!!!!!!

View Cherokee Mellow Pipe Tobacco 16oz details...

Alot of tobacco

Based on 43 reviews

It was a lot of tobacco, but I liked it, the brand was a little harst for us, we mixed it with another. I was wondering if you had another brand in the 5 pounds?

View Cherokee Mellow Pipe Tobacco 5lb details...