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Phillies Brand Products

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Phillies Cigar brand was originally created by Bayuk Cigar PA all the way back in 1929 and have since become one of the most popular and top-selling machine-rolled cigars in the USA today. Phillies feature a wide variety of flavors to appeal to all tastes, with grape, sour apple, strawberry, chocolate, and more. Phillies blunts were first introduced in 2002 and have quickly become a favorite among daily and occasional cigar smokers. Try one for yourself today and find out why.

Phillies cigars are mild strength and perfect for on the go or social smoking as well as for your smoke break. Using the highest quality tobacco from the Dominican Republic and Honduras as filler, Phillies have a great taste that appeals to everyone from occasional smokers to aficionados. BnB Tobacco has a full line of Phillies products, guaranteed to be delivered fresh to your door. Make this your new cigar of choice.

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Good value good taste

Based on 10 reviews

One of the best values in filtered little cigars, and the flavor is great, robust, and thoroughly enjoyable! Excellent option for when the time to enjoy a traditional cigar is just not available.

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Delivert time is Outstanding.

Based on 7 reviews

Quality control in the Ph. Cheroot is poor; but I like the tobacco.

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I have never tried a ...

Based on 7 reviews

I have never tried a flavored cigar before and decided to try these out. I have smoked Phillies before and thought this would be a good brand to try out. These are fantastic cigars. I donÕt smoke cigars very often, but thought the sweetness of a chocolate cigar might be good. I like the sweetness of this cigar and it burns really well. I am so happy with my choice; it is like smoking my dessert and I have plenty to share with my friends. I have bought through BnB before and they always have good service, quick delivery, and the prices are reasonable.

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would buy this product again

Based on 1 review

I had a hard time trying to find this product in the local stores. I'm glad I found bnb tobacco.The price is right and delivery is great.

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Excellent product

Based on 1 review

Quick shipping and free. Great place to shop, Easy to use website

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Great little cigar

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Best easy draw small cigar I have ever experienced. Cigar is consistantly the same with great chocolate flavor. Good job.

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If you enjoy a ...

Based on 2 reviews

If you enjoy a fruit-flavored cigar, then the Phillies Mini Blunts Grape Flavor cigars are for you. The are made in the USA and can fit in the palm of your hand. Ordering them from BnB Tobacco allowed me to order multiple packages at once and my order arrived quickly. The mild flavor is enjoyable and the the price can't be beat, making this a good, economical choice in the fruit-flavored variety.

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Phillies is a well known ...

Based on 2 reviews

Phillies is a well known brand, which is why I tried the Phillies Titan 5x10 Pack recently. With 50 cigars in the pack, the price is really good on these cigars. The flavor is awesome and I love the presentation. I still can't believe the deal I got, quality vrs price, is ridiculous how cheap these Cigars are.

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Great taste don't let the ...

Based on 1 review

Great taste don't let the name fool you, very mild smooth..

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