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BNB Tobacco is a worldwide trusted distributor of tobacco pipes and pipe tobacco for sale. We carry the largest selection of pipe tobacco anywhere on the internet, making us a top provider when it comes to both quality and selection. With over 40 brands currently in stock and 373 products to choose from, customers know to come to us first when they are searching for high quality, premium pipe tobacco. Whether you want a pouch of tobacco for your own personal use, or a bulk bag and tin to gift one of your friends, we have everything you could ever need right here in our online store. We even offer deals and discounts on selected items, so customers will always get great value for their money when they shop at our online store.

Why Our Customers Come To Us First

We work diligently to ensure that our customers know exactly where our tobacco comes from. We place every care into ensuring that our tobacco is of the highest quality and as fresh as the day it was processed. Whether you want Captain Black, Elkhorn, Granger, Lane or even Petersons Pipe, we have it all for sale at discounted prices. Visit our other pages to buy discount online tobacco from our website. Sheer convenience and high quality products are always guaranteed to our valued customers.

Top Reviewed Pipe Tobacco Brands

Top Reviewed Pipe Tobacco

Very Mellow

Based on 56 reviews

Good efficent service. Fast delivery. Customer service has always been knowledgeable and courteous.

View Cherokee Mellow Pipe Tobacco 16oz details...

TOTALLY SATISFIED Better than Expected

Based on 52 reviews

I have been smoking roll your own tobacco on and off for 35 yrs, usually when times are tough, but now, because of the price of taylor made smokes, I smoke hand rolls exclusively. So, after smoking Bugler and Top Brand for all these yrs. I decided to see if I could find bulk tobacco online for cheaper. I am also a prepper and try to store things that I might need or can barter with during a [*] situation. I spotted the Cherokee Mellow Pipe Tobacco 5lb Bag and decided, what do I have to lose, it can't be worse than Burgler or Top! hehe I don't even like to smoke them, I just do because I got a habit. Now, that you know all about me, let's talk about the tobacco. lol This stuff is great, I love it! I am shocked and very well please! Being a hand roller like I am, you notice things like twigs, branches, grass hoppers, etc. and I have yet to find any garbage like that in it. It has a full flavor, a very nice mellow full flavor that makes you want to draw it deep down in your lungs and hold it there, and let it come out nice and easy, with an, "aaah" at the end. Not like that other tobacco we don't smoke anymore, that you just want to get into your lungs and out again as fast as you can because it is harsh and burns like smoking hay. So, I give it the highest rating on all accounts, because it is actually the best tobacco I have ever smoked, and I recommend it very highly to you all. brb... Smoke Break!!!

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Best Buy for Smooth and Mild Smokers

Based on 55 reviews

Nice Aroma and Fresh...Burns Slow...maybe not for Marlboro smokers, but for those looking for a smoother taste.

View Red River Smooth Pipe 16oz Bag details...

great tobacco i buy it ...

Based on 38 reviews

great tobacco i buy it all the time want a good tobacco tis is the one.

View Kentucky Select Full Pipe 16oz details...

I was hesitant to try ...

Based on 30 reviews

I was hesitant to try this pipe tobacco out. I just could not believe that a fine high quality product could be had at such a low price. I have been burned many times before by products that offered a great smoking experience only to end up with trash. I am glad I took the chance and ordered this Good stuff silver pipe tobacco. The mild and smooth flavors of this tobacco are amazing. I think I have found my new favorite pipe tobacco. This is truly some Good stuff! I have to mention that the service I received from BnB was also good, great even!

View Good Stuff Ultra Gold Pipe 16oz details...