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BNB Tobacco is a worldwide trusted distributor of tobacco pipes and pipe tobacco for sale. We carry the largest selection of pipe tobacco anywhere on the internet, making us a top provider when it comes to both quality and selection. With over 40 brands currently in stock and 373 products to choose from, customers know to come to us first when they are searching for high quality, premium pipe tobacco. Whether you want a pouch of tobacco for your own personal use, or a bulk bag and tin to gift one of your friends, we have everything you could ever need right here in our online store. We even offer deals and discounts on selected items, so customers will always get great value for their money when they shop at our online store.

Why Our Customers Come To Us First

We work diligently to ensure that our customers know exactly where our tobacco comes from. We place every care into ensuring that our tobacco is of the highest quality and as fresh as the day it was processed. Whether you want Captain Black, Elkhorn, Granger, Lane or even Petersons Pipe, we have it all for sale at discounted prices. Visit our other pages to buy discount online tobacco from our website. Sheer convenience and high quality products are always guaranteed to our valued customers.

Top Reviewed Pipe Tobacco Brands

Top Reviewed Pipe Tobacco

cherokee mellow pipe tobacco

Based on 74 reviews

Smooth teast

View Cherokee Mellow Pipe Tobacco 16oz details...

Alot of tobacco

Based on 70 reviews

It was a lot of tobacco, but I liked it, the brand was a little harst for us, we mixed it with another. I was wondering if you had another brand in the 5 pounds?

View Cherokee Mellow Pipe Tobacco 5lb details...


Based on 67 reviews


View Red River Smooth Pipe 16oz Bag details...

Smokin Good , clean and safe,makes the

Based on 62 reviews

The pergfect smoking tobacco

View Cherokee Original Pipe Tobacco 5lb details...

Easy and right

Based on 53 reviews

I love this place. It's easy and they always have deals.

View Kentucky Select Gold Pipe 16oz details...