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RYO Injectors

RYO (also called Roll-your-own cigarettes ) refer to cigarettes made from loose tobacco and rolling paper. The BNB Tobacco RYO assorted machine injectors are designed for use with cigarette filtered tubes. They range in style from a slide style hand injector to a table top machine injector and finally the electric machine injectors. These provided the added convenience to make your own filtered cigarettes.

I have also used allot of ...

Based on 18 reviews

I have also used allot of cigarette machines and this one is by far the best I have found and very easy to use. I can make a pack of cigarettes in less then 5 minutes. The only problem at first is learning how much tobacco to use because if you use to much it jams and you have to dig he tabacco out. If it feels too hard to crank stop and take some tabacco out. It should crank easily if you used the right amount of tabacco.

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This is a great roller ...

Based on 19 reviews

This is a great roller and has lasted 3 years rolling 6 packs a day . I still use it but I need to replace a s[ring and a plastic part..which is cheap to do. It has been awesome

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Great Value

Based on 11 reviews

Use these tubes for making cigarettes. So far I haven't had any faulty tubes.

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The Best Filter

Based on 9 reviews

The best roll your own filter. I've used Top and Gambler before and I find these are far better.

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i have tried zig zag, ...

Based on 9 reviews

i have tried zig zag, gambler, and premier and finally settled on premier light tubes. but decided after reading the reviews, i would try these as my last option. but i am so glad i tried them, best tube out of all i tried, they smoke good, and roll in my injector just as good also. tube is made well, and taste good.

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