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RYO Injectors | Manual & Electric Cigarette Injectors

You have the option of trying to do it by hand, but that could cause your cigarette to be rolled unevenly, to where it burns to fast and doesn’t give you the full flavor and experience you are wanting. The other option would be to use an injector. RYO injectors will make the process a whole lot easier, as they will help you to pack the tobacco tightly into your rolling papers to ensure you get the long, even burn that you would want from your smoke. When you use RYO injectors, filtered tubes are used to easily enable you to spread the loose tobacco evenly throughout the paper, before sealing the paper tightly with the tobacco packed inside. Injectors can be simple hand injector varieties, or you can opt for electric or table top varieties. Here at BnB Tobacco, we carry a large selection of RYO injectors, tubes, and other related products. You will save a ton of money when you roll your own, and you will get the same great taste that you would get from any brand name cigarette that is currently on the market. Browse through our website to look at the various options that are available.

Former Gambler returns to old stomping grounds.

Based on 29 reviews

"Gambler Cigarette Tobacco" was my preferred brand (twenty years ago, or thereabouts). I was surprised recently to find it also comes in a pipe tobacco blend. I have yet to try the current purchase as I am still enjoying a prior 1 lb. purchase of another brand purchased locally (from a retail tobacco outlet). Along with my recent purchase of the 1 lb. pkg. of "Gambler Pipe Tobacco" I also purchased a 1 lb. pkg. of "Cherokee Pipe Tobacco." It remains my intention to try the untested (Cherokee) brand prior to trying "Gambler" as the "Cherokee" also comes in a 5 lb. size. A 1 lb. pkg. of pipe tobacco generally last me between (6 to 8 weeks on average), so I don't expect I'll be opening the Gambler until sometime around mid July (possibly even August) of this year (2014). Ask my opinion again then if you like.

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Recent order

Based on 24 reviews

very satisfied with this order!

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Exelent rolling machine

Based on 22 reviews

rolls nice cigarettes I can roll a carton in 11/2 hours

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Don't like shipping

Based on 20 reviews

Don't know why the shipping starts off on ups gets all the way here and they turn it over to the post office,that just delays it for another day,why not just let ups do it all?

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