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Romeo y Julieta Premium Cigars

BnB Tobacco sells genuine Romeo y Julieta cigars for discerning connoisseurs of quality cigar brands. For over a century, Romeo y Julieta cigars have been one of the most highly esteemed labels of cigar in the world. These cigars have a medium-bold flavor with a touch of spiciness that makes them a favorite among cigar lovers who want to savor a powerful smoke.

Romeo y Julieta cigars are beautifully wrapped and packaged and are a necessary addition to any well-rounded humidor. With their strong, rich, distinctive flavor, they are the perfect cigars to enjoy on a slow afternoon when you need a burst of vitality.

Smoking a Romeo y Julieta cigar is an experience any true cigar lover will relish. You will never regret adding a box to your collection.

Based on 33 reviews

Excellent cigar, 90 or better

Based on 3 reviews

Have a relaxing smoke

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I first heard about these ...

Based on 4 reviews

I first heard about these cigars through a friend who knew that I enjoyed trying new types of cigars. I was hesitant at first since I have never tried out this particular type. But being of the adventures type I went ahead and purchased a box of them. The package soon arrived and upon my first smoke I was glad that I went ahead and ordered them. The spicy flavor that the cigar has is mild and not overpowering. I enjoyed the smoothness that this cigar offers to you when you smoke it. The fine people over at BnB were helpful and made sure that my order arrived quickly and without any issue at all. I do wish the cost for shipping was lower, but still this is a great product nonetheless. I would recommend these cigars to anyone who is interested in trying out a new and exciting type of cigar.

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The Romeo & Julieta ...

Based on 3 reviews

The Romeo & Julieta Clemenceau is what you may call a sophisticated piece of cigar. A long while back, I smoked the Cuban original and couldn't forget the taste. Well, this one is just like it. It has an earth-bound-like taste that starts rough and then recedes until it packs up a mild and sweet finish. The cigar is full of good, rich aromas, from chocolate to the nutty flavors. BnB sends it out in the tubo that allows you to save it later for even more mature smokes.

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Romeo y Julieta Romeros ...

Based on 4 reviews

Romeo y Julieta Romeros are wonderful cigars. Not only do they taste great, but the prices at BnB Tobacco make them even better. If youÕre looking for a small cigar to enjoy, try the Romeo y Julieta Romeos. You wonÕt be sorry. Romeo y Julieta Romero cigars have a delightful sweet spicy flavor that I just love. The prices at BnB Tobacco on these great cigars canÕt be beat and I will be ordering more soon!

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Life is too short not to smoke cigars

Based on 1 review

A good smoke, mild. I smoke daily.

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Still My Top Pick

Based on 1 review

Tubes are great for transport. Use the cedar to light the cigar.

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You want these little cigars, trust me!

Based on 1 review

As a daily replacement for a cigarette smoker or a quick fix for a cigar devotee, these little cigars are a great bridge to satisfy the craving for which you only have a few minutes to steal away.

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Romeo Finds Juliet

Based on 1 review

At first it was like unwrapping a present. Begining had sweet hints of vanilla, carmel, white pepper, nutmeg. It was adventure all the way through. I did not want it to end. Solid burn all the way through til the end. I have been meaning to buy a box someday. I just had a single. Flavor was great all the way. I does have a firm draw, so you have to work at it a little but such are great things in life. Romeo found Juliet in the end or at least in my mind.

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Romeo Y Julieta is one of ...

Based on 2 reviews

Romeo Y Julieta is one of the most popular brands when it comes to cigars, so finding a blend that you like is easier than ever. This blend is one of my favorites and while it's smooth, it also has a sweet finish that I really enjoy. Romeo Y Julieta are available in many places, but what sets BNB Tobacco apart is that they are very knowledgeable about their products so instead of wasting money trying to find your favorite blend, they can recommend one for you and they're right! Their sales staff is friendly and knows the product that they sell and I cannot recommend them any higher.

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