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Swisher Sweets Machine Made Cigars, Little Cigars

Described on the online Urban Dictionary as “a damn good cigar,” Swisher Sweets is a hugely popular cigar brand offering a wide selection of your favorite cigar products. It is so popular that it is the most referenced cigar brand in pop culture, often popping up in songs, movies, and television shows.

From regular, toasted wood-flavored cigars, sweet and flavored cigarillos, mini-cigarillos, wood-tipped cigars, slims, and snuff to smokeless cigars and e-cigarettes, Swisher Sweets has it all. Their Regular cigars are mild but pleasantly punchy, while the flavored options are light and fruity, making for a highly enjoyable smoking experience that gently caresses the senses.

Swisher Sweets are available almost everywhere, making them the perfect cigar for regular smokers as well as those wanting to let loose every now and then. They are affordable too, with a box of five flavored Swisher Sweets cigarillos costing the same price as some other single cigars.

Based on 133 reviews

My fiance' loves this ...

Based on 20 reviews

My fiance' loves this cigar. I remember the first time he tried it. He ranted and raved about how smooth it was. He also liked the flavor. I came to tis site because I wanted t surprise him with a box of 60 instead of paying 1.00ea.

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How many are in a box?

Based on 14 reviews

How many are in a box?

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A very mild but sweet ...

Based on 14 reviews

A very mild but sweet flavored cigar with lots of aroma A Flavor that is unforgetable and stays with you awhile.The pipe tobacco aroma is exquisite! VERY ENJOYABLE!

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these sweets are the best ...

Based on 8 reviews

these sweets are the best out of the flavors

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The price for 200 swisher ...

Based on 10 reviews

The price for 200 swisher sweets is unbelievable. And, I was psyched when I saw they had it in my favorite flavor. My package came on time two days ago. I haven't had Cherry in a while, so I immediately lit up for that smell. I'm happy I got more than enough for my upcoming road trip.

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BnB Tobacco is my kind of ...

Based on 8 reviews

BnB Tobacco is my kind of site. Easy to use, great great prices, and quick delivery make this my site of choice. I love the Swisher Sweets little cigars in the original flavor. Most places I go to buy these don't sell them in cartons, which is the way I prefer to purchase them. As long as BnB Tobacco keeps selling them I will keep buying them. I haven't found a site to top the prices and choices I get from BnB Tobacco.

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delightful product

Based on 3 reviews

like to puff with a drink later in the day. Flavor is great. Sometimes the draw is very hard to get smoke through, I run a needle through the holes in the tip and open the tip up to allow smoke through.

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S2isher Sweets Coronella's are Great !!

Based on 3 reviews

I smoke everyday

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If you are looking for a ...

Based on 4 reviews

If you are looking for a small cigar that you can get through quickly, Swisher Sweets little cigars are a good choice. The cigars have a lovely light flavor that really agrees with light smokers like me. While I really like the taste though, and realize that they are small cigars, sometimes they seem a little too small and don't do well upon relighting. For 200 cigars, the price is right though, especially if you can score free shipping. These Swisher Sweets are no different than Swisher Sweets that you can find in a store, though generally you can't find Swisher Sweets at the prices offered here, so this is a good place to buy them.

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The Swisher Sweets ...

Based on 4 reviews

The Swisher Sweets Outlaws Regular Cigars are everything that I expected from this reliable cigar company. The cigars are short and to the point. They offer a rich smoke that is mellow and satisfying. I enjoy to smoke cigars, and I usually try to purchase different products. I like to taste the smoke, and usually Swisher Sweets don't have much flavor. I was pleasantly surprised when I purchased this box from BnB tobacco. I heard about their site, and I decided to see what they have. These panatelas are some of the strongest and best tasting cigars that Swisher makes. Most of Swisher's cigars have artificial flavors. The Outlaws are in a class by themselves, and their smoke is some of the best. It is rich and pungent. I really liked the way BnB tobacco handled all of the shipping, and I was surprised by how quick my cigars arrived.

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