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If you are an avid pipe smoker that loves a good draw and a relaxing and satisfying smoking experience, then you will know the importance of having a pipe that is made with high quality standards in mind. Not all pipes are made the same in terms of quality, so you will need to do your research before selecting any particular brand. If you want a pipe that offers style, sophistication, class and quality, then you have come to the right place. BnB Tobacco carries a range of high-end tobacco pipes by Corleone and Savinelli, two of the most well-known and reputable pipe manufacturers in the world. The pipes that we carry are made with excellent craftsmanship, and they will give you a pleasurable smoke every time you light up. Both Corleone and Savinelli pipes are designed to perfection, and they offer timeless appeal that is simply unmatched.

Savinelli Tobacco Pouch

Based on 3 reviews

Very nice product, classy looking and room for a lighter tool and cleaners a pipe and holds a full 1.76 oz. tin. First time ordering from B&B and not the last, fast service and $20 cheaper than other sites. N.F.V. Newburgh, NY

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I have never had a pipe before...

Based on 3 reviews

Well I am on a budget of tooo many things I WANT and much less income than I'd need to pay for all of them. But really that applies also to millionaires or even to the biggest of governments; not enough money for ALL desired priorities. Thus I chose the Huntsman Pipe since it was half the price of the other brand. I love it! it is perfect and beautiful; I am uncertain if I would even care about any 'improvement' in product quality if I were to purchase a more expensive pipe in the future. Also when I got the pipe; I ordered Cherry Smokers Pride...three 12 ounce bags of that. I think the Cherry Smokers Pride does not to me taste like a Cherry...but it has a subtle complexity and is one of the most pleasing tobaccos I have ever tried;-) Note: I have not tried any of the other versions of Smokers Pride tobacco. Denalo Z

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Worth it

Based on 2 reviews

Nice smooth leather and although it appears compact it holds a days worth of tobacco.

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Perfect Sav Clark's fav

Based on 2 reviews


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Savinelli Pipe and Tobacco Order

Based on 2 reviews

Placed an order with BnB after getting a great groupon deal. The pipe is awesome and the delivery and communication was fast and excellent. Great products and selection and will do business with BnB again. Thanks.

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