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Top 3 Most Well-Known Super Bowl Cigar Smokers of All-Time

Cigar Articles cigars Mike Ditka NFL Randy Moss Terry Bradshaw

  Although cigar smoking is restricted in NFL stadiums, you will still find some of the best players smoking, outside the stadium. You will see them celebrate their wins with a cigar or two. Here are just a few of the best NFL Players who are also cigar enthusiasts. Former NFL Great #3: Randy Moss Randy Moss has built quite a reputation for himself, breaking a series of records in your favorite sports. When he was 21, he broke the record for rookie touch down. He also broke the record for single session touchdown when he was only 23. His...

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Add Some Nice Cigar Wall Art to Your Life

Cigar Articles cigar wall art cigars enjoyment men what to look for and buy women

  If you’re a cigar aficionado and you also have a fine appreciation of art it would be a wonderful concept to integrate the two in a smoking room. Imagine a warm room with a fireplace, dark wood, a fine quality humidor and a wonderful wet bar with cognac. In this room, you are surrounded by fine quality cigar wall art that exemplifies one of your favorite joys while relaxing in deep cushioned chairs and enjoying fabulous conversation with friends and business associates. There are wonderful canvas prints available from such great artists as Floriana Barbu, John Neidert, Laurence Adamson,...

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Can Being at Different Altitudes Affect Your Cigar Experience?

Cigar Articles cigar smoking cigars higher and lower altitudes lighting a cigar

  A lot of people have reported that, at higher altitudes, their cigars seem to lose flavor. They also report that it’s more difficult to keep a cigar lit while high in the mountains. The reason for this is the same reason as to why your ears pop when moving higher in elevation. There is less air pressure, and therefore, less oxygen. The answer, then, quite reasonably, is yes, altitude has a lot to do with the flavor of a cigar! Bear in mind that there’s more oxygen at sea level than at 5,000 feet, and far much less the higher...

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Don’t Leave Ash In Your Humidor!

Cigar Articles cigars humidor humidors tips

  Smoking a cigar is one of the best experiences that you’ll ever have, but only if you do it right. Being a newbie in cigar smoking, it is common for you to make mistakes and spoil the natural aromas of your stogies. Thus, you need to be really careful for how you treat your cigars. Ashing of cigars is one of the most common mistakes made by rookies. As a cigar smoker, you might be accustomed to be tapping your cigar on the ashtray once the ash accumulates or when you’re done smoking. But, in cigar smoking, things are...

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Top 3 Cigars From BnB Tobacco to Celebrate the New Year

Cigar Articles cigars Evermore Corona Grande Montecristo Premium Nicaraguan

Cigars come with a sense of style and a touch of class. Most tobacconists will agree that nothing beats a fine cigar in a great environment. The pleasure tagged along is undeniable. The New Year being around the corner, an excellent cigar will come in handy especially when enjoyed with friends. To mark the occasion, whether you are a new or experienced cigar aficionado, these three cigars will make your day. The Montecristo Premium Cigar The sweet fragrance of the Montecristo Premium Cigar will send you to the moon. It is specially handcrafted from the sovereign island country of Dominica...

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