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3 Benefits of Purchasing Machine Made Cigars

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Most websites are stuck in the past, toting lies that confuse the consumer, convincing him that the only cigars worth buying are hand made cigars, but those bias misconceptions are currently being proven wrong. Here are three extremely real benefits to buying machine made cigars. 1. Respect Your Wallet People assume that because hand-made cigars have a much higher sticker price that why must be the best of the best, but just because a cigar is more expensive doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a better cigar. Sure, it’s fun to flash around an pricey piece to puff on, but it really...

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A Smoker’s Choice: Selecting the Perfect Cigar

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 Any good poker player will tell you that one simple decision, made before a single card is dealt from the deck, is one of the most important elements to having profitable session. That decision is the table and game the player selects. I draw a parallel to the cigar smoking experience – the smoker’s choice of which cigar to smoke at a particular moment is an essential to creating a positive smoking experience. A poor cigar selection decision can doom you before the foot is cut or a torch is sparked. Conversely, if you’ve chosen wisely, nearly any other unexpected...

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New Cigars and Why Smokers Love Them

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  What’s new? It’s a question that every tobacconist is asked multiple times every single day he or she opens the doors. Cigar lovers are always looking for new cigars, chasing the perfect smoking experience. Any shop owner who is stuck for an answer is not doing a very good job, as the industry as a whole caters to the demand for new cigars by constantly creating new blends, limited editions, line extensions, and more. Particularly right now, just after IPCPR 2016 where we saw dozens of new cigars released that will be hitting the shelves at cigar shops all...

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Taste the Rainbow: A Guide To Flavored Cigars

Cigar Articles flavored cigars infused cigars java cigars makers mark cigars tatiana cigars

  As recently as a decade ago, finding premium flavored cigars was a difficult challenge. Until brands like Acid, CAO Flavors, Java, Maker’s Mark, Tatiana, and more came along, flavored cigars were the machine-made gas station stogies you may have tried when you were just getting into the hobby. That means if you were smoking a flavored cigar, you were likely smoking something with leftover scrap fillers and a homogenized wrapper, low quality flavoring, and ultimately a product that is designed to be inexpensive rather than high quality.  As such, many cigar enthusiasts who have been smoking for years scoff...

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Cigarillos vs. Large Cigars – A Size Comparison

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  While some cigar smokers become attached to one specific cigar size, many lovers of the leaf enjoy different cigar sizes based on the specific smoking situation. While most serious cigar enthusiasts enjoy the traditional range of larger cigar sizes, the cigarillo will always have it’s place in the humidor. The cigarillo size provides a variety of benefits for every cigar lover, and the right cigarillo smoked at just the right time can be a perfect smoking experience just like smoking a large cigar. About Cigarillos Premium cigarillos, or small cigars, are cigars enclosed with dried tobacco leaf and are...

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