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Cigars Online: How the Internet Has Influenced Cigar Culture

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  With the internet a number of industries have been heavily influenced. One of these industries is the cigar industry. The most obvious area of influence is the ability for consumers to buy cigars online. The internet has also provided a number of people with lots of exposure about this product and has therefore given them opportunities to purchase, research and also discuss the many products that are currently on the market. By using the internet people are able to get more involved in learning about all of the cigar products on the market and therefore be in position to...

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What Does It Mean To Be A Cigar Aficionado?

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 The cigar is the symbol of style, business, and class. The cigar is special and should be treated as such. Nothing is better than a hand-rolled cigar in a comfortable environment that can be enjoyed thoroughly. If you aspire to be a true cigar aficionado, here are a few tips that’ll help you along the way. Cigar Aficionado Tip #1: Cigar Storage A real cigar aficionado knows that keeping his or her cigars fresh is of utmost importance. What non-cigar aficionado people don’t know about the cigar is that it can dry up easily in dry climates or even absorb...

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A Humidor’s Size and Weight Can Make A Difference

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A humidor isn’t a purchase to make lightly based on one aspect, such as price. It’s a finely crafted piece that will serve you for years to come in many cases, and needs to possess all of the qualities that you need. While it does need to be affordable, other aspects are more important. Chief among these are size and weight, as they’ll determine how portable and where your humidor can be located as your cigars are stored and aged. Whatever humidor you end up buying, know that you are joining a membership of smokers the world over who maintain...

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Stressed? Pass on the Stogie!

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We all know that smoking a cigar is a very relaxing pastime. For some, it goes even deeper into a culture or something that’s very much a part of their everyday lives. However, just because smoking a cigar is relaxing, it’s not really considered to be a stress reliever. What this means is simple: if you’re under a lot of stress, you are likely to make mistakes, or do things wrong that’ll ruin the whole stick. This could be a real let down if you happen to ruin a cigar you had been saving for a long time, or one...

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Herb and Spice Flavors in Your Cigar

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  Sometimes cigar aficionados get caught up and full of themselves when it comes to infused, or flavored cigars. They forget that sometimes it’s OK to smoke something not ultra premium as a one off or a treat every now and again. They also get wrapped up in some of the information and myths that were perpetuated years ago about certain sticks or manufacturers. As early as a few year, flavored cigars (think Dutch Masters or White Owl) were the standard for flavored or infused cigars. But times have changed, and several infused manufacturers are now producing high-quality hand rolled...

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