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How Strong Is Too Strong of a Cigar?

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  Avoiding Cigars That Are Too Strong The potency of a cigar can be too high for some casual smokers. Recently, cigar companies have been making stronger cigars that can burn your throat and tongue as well as make your stomach upset if you are not use to the strength. Here are a few options that may help you find a cigar that is right for you here at Bnb Tobacco. Different Types of Cigars and Their Benefits The amount of nicotine in a cigar is what will make them too strong for casual smokers. Cigars that have been made...

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Can Being at Different Altitudes Affect Your Cigar Experience?

Cigar Articles cigar smoking cigars higher and lower altitudes lighting a cigar

  A lot of people have reported that, at higher altitudes, their cigars seem to lose flavor. They also report that it’s more difficult to keep a cigar lit while high in the mountains. The reason for this is the same reason as to why your ears pop when moving higher in elevation. There is less air pressure, and therefore, less oxygen. The answer, then, quite reasonably, is yes, altitude has a lot to do with the flavor of a cigar! Bear in mind that there’s more oxygen at sea level than at 5,000 feet, and far much less the higher...

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Do Cigars Taste Better in the Salt Air?

Cigar Articles cigar smoking cigars salt air

Cigar smoking, for many, is a way to relax and unwind. A lot of it is mental peace while also enjoying the physical act of smoking itself. If you have ever smoked a cigar on the beach, you probably can (and have) related to others that it tasted better. You might not know why, it just did. Well, believe it or not there’s a little bit of science behind why that stick might taste better to you on the beach, close to the shore, or anywhere there is some salty air. First, let us examine the obvious and easier answer....

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The Proper Way to Cut Your Cigar

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Getting the most out of your cigar means you need to be able to properly cut off the tip to enjoy the aged tobacco. However, this needs to be done properly. Incorrectly cutting the cigar will result in you getting a less than ideal experience. Here’s the proper way in 3 steps to cut your cigar and enjoy your smoking experience: Step #1: The Cigar Cutter In order to cut your cigar like the professionals, you need to start with a quality cigar cutter. Using an inferior made cigar cutter will cause you to cut the end in the wrong position, causing the...

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A Tradition of Cigar Smoking Among America’s Political Leaders – Part 1 of 2

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Dating back as early as the 10th century with the Mayans puffing on tobacco leaves bound up with string to Columbus’ first visit to the Americas in 1492 and discovering the natives smoking cylindrical bundles of twisted tobacco leaves wrapped in dried palm or corn husks, cigar smoking has been a beloved tradition by many through the years. And of the many, that would include notable people of American politics. Since 2012 is a political year, what better time to blog about cigars and politics. For the first part of this two-part blog, I’m going to focus on cigar’s early...

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