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How Strong Is Too Strong of a Cigar?

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Avoiding Cigars That Are Too Strong

The potency of a cigar can be too high for some casual smokers. Recently, cigar companies have been making stronger cigars that can burn your throat and tongue as well as make your stomach upset if you are not use to the strength. Here are a few options that may help you find a cigar that is right for you here at Bnb Tobacco.

Different Types of Cigars and Their Benefits

The amount of nicotine in a cigar is what will make them too strong for casual smokers. Cigars that have been made with a machine usually also contain chemical preservatives while handmade cigars are 100% tobacco. If the tobacco has not been grown organically, residue from pesticides can remain if they are not aged long enough. You should try to avoid machine rolled cigars and cheaper handmade cigars.

Symptoms of a Nicotine Overdose

If you find yourself getting sick while smoking a cigar, it is likely the cigar is too strong and you are suffering from a nicotine overdose. Symptoms include nausea, sweating, and dizziness, similar to a mild case of sea sickness. If you begin feeling like this, you should stop smoking immediately, drink water, and find something sweet to eat. Pure sugar or sugar cubes work best.

How to Avoid Getting Sick from Your Cigar

Here is some advice on how to avoid getting sick from cigars. Being new to the world of cigar smoking, you are more likely to get sick than a seasoned veteran. First, avoid inhaling the cigar smoke. Puff on it, holding the smoke in your mouth, and blow it out. Second, avoid smoking your cigar too quickly. One or two puffs a minute is enough. Third, avoid drawing on your cigar too hard. If you need to hit the cigar hard to get a puff, the cigar is likely packed too tight or is possibly plugged. You will most likely need to try another cigar.

Choosing the Right Cigar

When you purchase a cigar, ask the person selling it how strong it is. Select a mild or medium cigar if you are not use to a higher nicotine level. You can find reviews and recommendations online to help you make the right choice. Also, cigars that use a mild Dominican tobacco and Connecticut Shade wrappers make for a an easier to smoke cigar. Eating some food prior to smoking and drinking something while smoking can both help to avoid an uncomfortable nicotine overdose.

More Tips for an Enjoyable Cigar Experience

If you do not have a humidor to store cigars in, you should only buy what you will smoke within a couple of days. If the cigar is in a cellophane package, do not remove the cigar until you are ready to smoke it. Dry cigars will burn faster and taste harsher.

By using these tips, you should be able to avoid getting sick from smoking cigars. Choose a mild cigar, eat prior to smoking, drink a beverage while you are smoking, and do not inhale the smoke if you want to have a more enjoyable experience when smoking. Once you have found a cigar that you enjoy, stick with that type of cigar.

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