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4 Popular Cigar Smokers in Hollywood

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There are many manly Hollywood actors that smoke cigars or have smoked cigars in films. Below are 4 of the manliest ones that make smoking cigars look great. Arnold Schwarzenegger Perhaps the most popular Hollywood star that has appeared in films smoking cigars. He has starred in many films, but perhaps one of his most memorable characters was the cigar smoking and tough talking ‘Dutch,’ from the film Predator. Not only is the action star a cigar smoker on the big screen, but he’s also a cigar smoker in real life. Al Pacino Perhaps the ultimate tough guy (on-screen) to...

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Top 4 Cigar Hollywood Smokers of All-Time

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Hollywood and cigar smoking have gone together for decades, with the image of a big-time executive or famous actor smoking a quality cigar. To them, a large cigar is a sign that they’ve made it to a high level within the entertainment industry. In terms of Hollywood actors, there’s a long list but we’ve narrowed it down to these celebrities. Celebrity #4: Jack Nicholson Jack is perhaps the most famous actor of the second half of the 20th century. He has been an on/off cigar smoker since the 1970s when he filmed The Last Detail which found himself smoking Cuban...

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