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4 Popular Cigar Smokers in Hollywood

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There are many manly Hollywood actors that smoke cigars or have smoked cigars in films. Below are 4 of the manliest ones that make smoking cigars look great. Arnold Schwarzenegger Perhaps the most popular Hollywood star that has appeared in films smoking cigars. He has starred in many films, but perhaps one of his most memorable characters was the cigar smoking and tough talking ‘Dutch,’ from the film Predator. Not only is the action star a cigar smoker on the big screen, but he’s also a cigar smoker in real life. Al Pacino Perhaps the ultimate tough guy (on-screen) to...

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Cigars and the Villains That Love Them

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Cigars are a sign of power and wealth that’re enjoyed by both heroes and villains in the movies, on TV, and in comic books. Heroes often smoke cigars with Roger Moore’s incarnation as James Bond featuring the super spy smoking cigars in his early appearances. However, it’s often the bad guy who’s given the cigar as a way for the audience to understand the power and dominance the villain’s hoping to display as they take over the world or squash the hero. It’s very rare that smoking a cigar has been made to look as cool or menacing as it...

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