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4 Popular Cigar Smokers in Hollywood

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There are many manly Hollywood actors that smoke cigars or have smoked cigars in films. Below are 4 of the manliest ones that make smoking cigars look great.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Perhaps the most popular Hollywood star that has appeared in films smoking cigars. He has starred in many films, but perhaps one of his most memorable characters was the cigar smoking and tough talking ‘Dutch,’ from the film Predator. Not only is the action star a cigar smoker on the big screen, but he’s also a cigar smoker in real life.

Al Pacino
Perhaps the ultimate tough guy (on-screen) to smoke cigars was Tony Montana, a character from Scarface. The character was played by Al Pacino, and throughout the entire movie, Tony seems to be smoking a cigar. In the film, Montana came to America from Cuba and he rose to the top of a criminal empire, and cigars were with him from when he was at the bottom, all the way until he reached the top.

Clint Eastwood
Clint Eastwood has played many tough guys on the big screen, and one of his most memorable films was ‘The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly,’ which he played a character that had no name. His character was the ultimate tough guy and there’s no doubt that many people probably started to smoke cigars after watching this film or wanted to start smoking them.

Hugh Jackman
When many people think of Hugh Jackman, they think of someone who’s extremely powerful and in great shape, as well as Wolverine. Don’t forget that Jackman played Wolverine in X-Men, and Wolverine enjoyed smoking his cigars. This tough guy’s one of the most powerful superheroes around and has razor sharp claws that cut through virtually anything, and let’s not forget to mentioned that Wolverine’s bones are virtually indestructible. Jackman portrayed Wolverine better than any other actor could, and that tough guy act is likely the reason why a lot of people smoke cigars or picked up the habit.

As you can see, there are a few action stars that enjoy smoking cigars or have starred as characters who’ve smoked them while doing manly things. Sure, there are many other action stars that smoke cigars, in real life and in films, but none really come close to making cigars look good as the superstars mentioned above.

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