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Quick Winterizing Tips For Your Cigars

Cigar Articles cigar winterizing humidity humidor smoking temperatures tips winter

Being in the winter season may be no fun for cigar smokers. Even with the normal care of your cigars, you still find that your cigars are unraveling. Also, you may notice a dry hit when you smoke them. But, not to worry, with these tips on how to winterize your cigars, they’ll be in perfect shape all through winter. The trick is only in learning the changes that occur during the winter. Then, adjusting how you handle and store your cigars. What Happens During the Winter? During the winter, what happens is that the relative humidity goes down. This is...

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Is It Okay to Dip Your Cigar in Cognac or Rum?

Cigar Articles cigars Cognac or Rum humidity humidor taste

 Around the world, many people enjoy collecting and smoking good cigars. It can be a thrilling hobby to pick out necessary cigar accessories, such as cutters, lighters, and a proper humidor. Cigar brands and styles are as different as the people who smoke them. There are quality cigars for just about any taste and budget. The main idea is to try different brands and buy the best quality you can afford from knowledgeable and reputable sellers. The lore and tradition of cigar smoking is fascinating for collectors. With all that said, some cigar enthusiasts swear that dipping cigars in rum...

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Can The Hot Weather Affect Your Cigars?

Cigar Articles cigars hot weather humidity humidor

One thing that’s important to know when you decide to become a cigar smoker is that something as simple as the weather can really affect your smoking experience, which is one reason smokers tend to carry and protect their cigars in humidors, but I’m not going to get into the depths of that. I want to explain exactly why and how hot weather and humidity can affect tur cigars and ruin your smoking experience. First things first, it’s vital to know that cigars already maintain a moisture level of about 12% -15%. This is so that the richness and taste...

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