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Your Cigars Shouldn’t Always Smell Like Ammonia

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Smoking a cigar should be an enjoyable event, but what if you run across a cigar or two that can taste and smell like ammonia? No worries, there are ways that you can combat those ammonia smelling “friends” without having to get rid of them. If you’re a cigar smoker, there are certain things you should particularly pay attention to. Being aware of the quality of a cigar is most important. A favorable cigar worth smoking undergoes a special procedure. It depends on the tobacco used all the way to the wrap that’s used to make the cigar. It’ll have...

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Can The Shape of a Cigar Effect Your Smoking Experience?

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Nothing beats the relaxing feel of sitting back and smoking your favorite cigar. Whether you’re a new or a long term smoker, you’ll likely find that you’ve favorites when it comes to size, wrapper type and even shape. Now, speaking of the shape, you may not realize that the shape of that cigar affects the overall experience you have. Different shapes can lead to different mouth feels and even different tastes. The most common cigar shape is something called Parejos, which is a type of cylindrical shape. It usually features some type of wrapper that contains the head or the...

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Is It Okay to Dip Your Cigar in Cognac or Rum?

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 Around the world, many people enjoy collecting and smoking good cigars. It can be a thrilling hobby to pick out necessary cigar accessories, such as cutters, lighters, and a proper humidor. Cigar brands and styles are as different as the people who smoke them. There are quality cigars for just about any taste and budget. The main idea is to try different brands and buy the best quality you can afford from knowledgeable and reputable sellers. The lore and tradition of cigar smoking is fascinating for collectors. With all that said, some cigar enthusiasts swear that dipping cigars in rum...

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