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Is It Okay to Dip Your Cigar in Cognac or Rum?

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 Around the world, many people enjoy collecting and smoking good cigars. It can be a thrilling hobby to pick out necessary cigar accessories, such as cutters, lighters, and a proper humidor. Cigar brands and styles are as different as the people who smoke them. There are quality cigars for just about any taste and budget. The main idea is to try different brands and buy the best quality you can afford from knowledgeable and reputable sellers. The lore and tradition of cigar smoking is fascinating for collectors.

With all that said, some cigar enthusiasts swear that dipping cigars in rum or cognac brings moisture and enhanced flavor to their cigars. It’s a dubious tradition that should probably be met with skepticism.

Before the days of the controlled humidity of humidors, cigars were often kept in fancy chests, drawers, or just plain wooden boxes. There was no electricity and no accurate hygrometers. Without the proper humidity, the tobacco in the cigars were often dried out and the smokers would dip them in alcohol to moisten them. With our modern humidity controls, there is no reason to keep up this tradition. Good cigars can get soggy and ruined by dipping them in alcohol.

Some proponents of cigar dipping declare that cognac and rum imparts special flavors to their smokes. There is no solid evidence that the alcohol even flavors them. Since alcohol is flammable, you may be posing a risk trying to light up a booze-soaked cigar so close to your face. Not even the smoke of dipped cigars smells like alcohol and it is near impossible to light a wet one. What the disappointed smoker ends up with is a soggy cigar that has lost its rich tobacco flavors. Cigar dipping is an unnecessary waste, since modern day humidors keep them moist and fresh. So, it is best not to listen to everyone’s story and possibly ruin some of your favorite cigars.

If you crave the mellow notes of a rich rum or cognac while you smoke, the easy thing is just to pour you a nice shot of your favorite drink. The cigars do not have to be dipped in the alcohol. Having a drink with a cigar is a classic pastime and the smoker can enjoy the best of both complementary flavors. Cigar collecting and smoking can be a rewarding hobby if you are careful to do research and protect your flavorful investment.

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