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Djarum Little Cigars Black 12x10 Pack (120ct)

Djarum Black Cigars 120ct

Retail: $49.99
You Save: $5.00
Product Information
Djarum Black Little Cigars are made with a mixture of superior cigar tobaccos and clove spice rolled into a cigar. Djarum little cigars are offered in an array of blends and flavors. The Djarum cigar series is available in Bali Hai, Black, Black Cherry, Black Menthol, Black Vanilla, Mild, Special and Splash.
Brand: Type: Little Cigars Manufacturer:
Country of Origin: Indonesia Strength: Mild Flavor: Clove
Shape: Little Cigars Packaging: Pack Ring Gauge: 20
Length: 2 1/2
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by on

Extreamly satisfied


Djarum Blacks give a nice full clove flavor without it being over-powering. After several orders I have only run into 1 cigar that was incorrectly wrapped.

by Sean on 6/9/2014

Repeat offender; at your service


No problems with the product or freshness

by Woodshop on 6/30/2013

Love those Cloves


Cheapest most reliable way to get Djarum.

by Clove Lover on 4/17/2012

Djarum Blacks & Specials


Very competitive prices with minimum shipping costs associated! An overall great experience.

by Marc on 1/6/2015

Great cigars


I love these cigarettes. I have been smoking them for a long time. Some don't like them cause they don't like the smell of clove so if you like cloves then you should try them.

by Christopher on 5/27/2016

Djarum Black


Completely satisfied with the product. The shipping time was excellent.

by Matthew on 12/12/2016



I love these they are great... great price as well... couldnt be more happier...

by Allan on 1/16/2018

If you are seeking a truly premium little cigar that has a hint of cloves, Djarum brand is an awesome choice for you. These top quality cigars are made with only premium tobacco, cloves, and the best Indonesian spices. You get an opportunity to experience all of that great taste rolled up in one cigar. On top of that, Djarum comes in many flavors: Bali Hai, black, cherry, menthol, vanilla, mild, special, and splash.

These little cigars are one of the premiere blends when it comes to quality and only cost $43.99, you manage to save $5.00 when compared to normal retail price. If you enjoy Swisher Sweets, then you will be sure to enjoy this excellent product. For a limited time, when you buy this product you will save an additional $.50 on a clipper lighter! Light your premium cigar with our outstanding clipper lighter.

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