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E-Smokes - vape, pods, e-cigs, disposables

Vaporizers are battery-powered and take liquid containing nicotine and/or CBD from the reservoir, tank, or pod which is heated and converted into a mist and then inhaled. There is no lighting or burning of tobacco in the process, but to vaporize, the liquid is put through a heated coil via a wick. These battery-powered devices can be single-use or rechargeable and refillable using compatible cartridges, also known as pods.

Our selection of e-smokes includes both single-use and reusable vaporizers from brands Blu, BO Vaping, Clic Vapor, E-Tron, Green Roads CBD, Hempzilla, Ignite CBD, Leap Vapor, Plus Pods, Vuse Vapor, and Ziip Lab. We carry a selection of compatible CBD pods and nicotine pods of different flavors like blueberry, mango, mint, peach, and more.