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Sutliff Maple Shadows Pipe Tobacco

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Maple Shadows

8oz Tin
8oz Tin
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As the chilling winds of autumn draw eerie prattle from contorted, deciduous limbs, we find ourselves possessed by the spirit of the season. Bewitched by a dissonant charm, we’ve created Maple Shadows. In a season that is defined by the unlikely harmony of treats and frights, we’ve joined the enchanting sweetness of maple with the earthy spice of Dark Fired Kentucky for a smoking experience that captures the senses with an otherworldly fusion of flavor.  

****Maple Shadows will be available for purchase 10/13 at 6pm****

Brand Sutliff,
Packaging 8oz Bag,
Strength Medium,
Tobacco Dark Fired Kentucky,
Flavor Maple,
Brand: Sutliff
Packaging: 8oz Bag
Strength: Medium
Tobacco: Dark Fired Kentucky
Flavor: Maple