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Remington Little Cigars Rum Carton (200ct)

Remington Little Cigars Rum

Retail: $16.99
You Save: $5.00
Product Information
Remington Little Cigars are a value little cigar with select tobacco offered in a variety of flavors
Brand: Type: Little Cigars Manufacturer:
Country of Origin: United States Strength: Mild Flavor: Rum
Shape: Little Cigars Packaging: Carton Ring Gauge: 20
Length: 2 1/2
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They changed the blend, there is nothing to them anymore


I will be looking for a new brand. I hate it when they do that......... I'm sure the new blend is more of a savings for them.....Yet the price i pay does not reflect that........

by on

will do it again!


will do it again!

by Duane on 11/15/2014

Remington Little Cigars


I purchase Remington Little Cigars regularly from BnB Tobacco and I am very pleased with what I receive. I love the Remington Chocolate flavor, but I also like to have some variety and choose all different flavors when I order. Remington makes a very good product for the money. The taste is good and the little cigars burn slowly and last longer, unlike cigarettes which seem to flame out way too quick. At the price these little cigars go for you can expect some minor imperfections in packaging and the cigars themselves. Yesterday I had one in a pack that was missing a filter (first time for this). In spite of this Remington Cigars are an excellent value for the money and they are a good choice for women. The only thing I wish is that they would change the front of the package to something more gender neutral. The cowboy is not the best choice for a cigarette box.

by Dorothy on 12/11/2014

Litthe cigars rume Remington


Taste good and little cigars menthol good too.

by Loc on 6/27/2016

Remington Little Cigars, which share a name with the famous gun company, are sure to provide the best bang for any person that enjoys smoking little cigars. Though they are considered a value brand, these little cigars are not lacking on quality with their mild and smooth flavor.

If you have never tried Remington, you will find that just because they are a value brand little cigar that your favorite aspects of enjoyment do not have to be sacrificed. For only $11.99 you can try a 200 count carton of these little cigars, considering that is $4.00 off of retail you would be shooting yourself in your leg to pass up that deal! Not only are these value brand little cigars reasonably priced, they also come in many great flavors: mild, cherry, chocolate, full flavor, grape, menthol, peach, rum, strawberry, vanilla, and Little Cigars White. There is no doubt that a flavor of Remington value brand little cigars exists for even the pickiest of smokers. Now available at BNB Tobacco.

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