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4 Great Father’s Day Cigars

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Fathers Day

A father is never truly off the clock. Whether it’s at the office filing reports or at home spending time with his family, the responsibilities are endless. This Father’s Day, show your old man how much you appreciate him with a little help from these 4 solid cigar picks from BnB Tobacco.

Does your dad like hitting the golf course when he can? If so, consider an Ashton Belicoso cigar. At $9 a pop, the Belicoso is an affordable and easy smoke that’ll last 18 holes. This cigar has a smooth draw and mellow flavor which goes nicely with a warm summer day.

If your old man’s hobbies are more rigorous than golf, the Duck Commander line will stand up to anything you can throw at it. These are knock-around cigars, which means you smoke while setting up camp or cleaning a fish. Surprisingly smooth and fragrant, these cigars are an outdoor aficionado’s delight. Score a couple of these and take ‘em to enjoy after a day spent in the wilderness with your dad for Father’s Day this year.

For something with a unique flavor, try a Perdomo. These Nicaraguan cigars have subtle notes of spice with a sweet taste, which can pair well nicely with a cookout or BBQ. Perdomo cigars are famous for their quality and consistency from batch to batch. You’ll get a smooth, mild smoke from start to finish with this cigar, and you won’t have to worry about it coming apart halfway through. Try a few games of poker with your dad and uncles. With a Perdomo, your dad doesn’t have to worry about his cigar unraveling faster than his poker face.

Your Pop has done a lot in his lifetime, and Father’s Day is a good time to reflect on his accomplishments. The Rocky Patel cigar represents a moment in time where the world quiets down. Remarkably smooth, flavorful, and aromatic, Rocky Patel cigars are meant to be the focal point. Sure, you can smoke a Patel while washing the car or fixing a screen door, but when you give your dad one of these, you are really giving him a mini vacation. Let him ponder the notes of oak and coffee. While the cigar roasts, it produces a heady, satisfying smoke that isn’t underwhelming or too powerful.

This is dad’s day, so give him something you’ll know he’ll enjoy with everything else in his awesome life.

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