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Avo No. 2 Tubo

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 AVO Cigars was founded by Avo Uvezian, a composer and musician who traveled the world playing jazz.  In the 1980s he moved to Puerto Rico and opened up a restaurant with a piano bar.  It was only then that Avo realized his passion for cigars.  He started out by hand rolling them and giving them away to his guests for free.  Once he realized that demand was quite high, he went into business and is now among the most successful cigar makers in the world.

The AVO No. 2 Tubo is yet another winner from this lauded manufacturer; the cigar retails around $10-12, and is an excellent value.  The cigar features a wrapper from Ecuador around a binder and filler from the Dominican Republic which features five different tobaccos grown in the Cibao Valley.  The pale wrapper is flawless and the band features the elegant and recognizable AVO insignia.  The cigar comes in a tube to preserve freshness.

The AVO No. 2 offers a great draw and a nice even burn.  This cigar produces a lot of smoke which is creamy, white and aromatic.  In terms of flavor the AVO is a mild cigar.  It’d be a great beginner’s cigar, but by no means is it unsophisticated.  The creamy flavor of coffee and hazelnuts is consistent, but some leathery and floral notes add complexity, white pepper adding just a hint of spice.

Whether you’re a beginning smoker and are looking for a great intro cigar or you’ve been smoking for years and want something mild, smooth and enticing, the AVO No. 2 is an exquisite choice.  This cigar isn’t the cheapest, but it’s certainly not expensive either considering what you get for your money.  The AVO No. 2 is a great deal, and well worth purchasing a full box if you can!

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