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Cigars: Made In the Shades

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The shades of different cigars plays a great role in influencing how it’ll  actually taste. The cigar wrapper is usually one of the important characteristics that’re considered by cigar aficionados when picking out their favorite cigars. These wrappers are responsible for giving each cigar its unique flavor and taste. The shades are different due to the different curing processes that’re used. Experienced cigar smokers base the shade of a cigar in determining the right stogie for them as they’ve specific preferences. They regard the taste, strength, burning qualities as well as other elements of a good cigar simply by looking at its shade.

Below are  a few of the diverse shades of cigars that’re available:

The lightest of all shades of cigar wrappers have the least influence on the tobacco taste of such a cigar. These light shades are described as Claro and Double Claro. The lightest shade is the Double Claro. These types of cigars have a typical dry quality which results in a flavor that’s very light.

The medium shades of cigars include the Colorado Maduro, Colorado and Colorado Claro. These shades have more influence on how the filler tobacco tastes than the earlier mentioned lightest shades and a taste that is slightly less when compared to the darkest shades. These medium shades usually range between light brown and a dark brown shade. A cigar smoker who’s inexperienced cannot differentiate the upper scale Colorado Maduro from the darker shades.

The darkest shades of cigar include the Maduro and the Oscuro. These cigars usually have a taste that’s distinctive as a result of various curing processes types. There are instances where these leaves are fermented. The darker cigar wrappers usually have a greater deal of influence on the overall filler tobacco taste. They’re usually chosen in order to provide a good complement to the type of tobacco used inside the cigar. These darker shades are at most times taken together with beverages such as brandy or wine to enhance the cigar smoking experience.

From the above different shades of cigars, it’s evident that in the world of cigars the guideline is basically that the darker colors taste sweeter than the lighter colors. This doesn’t however apply to cheap cigars as they are usually not wrapped in a proper leaf. The wrapper is very important to a high-quality cigar as the different wrappers usually offer the cigar smoker a different smoking experience.


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