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Don Diego Lonsdale

Cigar Reviews Don Diego


Don Diego cigars are a mainstay among cigar aficionados who enjoy a mild, light smoke.  The Lonsdale, like the other Don Diego cigars, features a Connecticut shade grown wrapper which is pale in color and very smooth, practically flawless.  There is a fine interlacing of veins just visible across the tan surface.  The attractive simplicity and smoothness of the cigar’s interior hints at the superiority and sophistication concealed within.

The draw on the cigar is effortless and a big part of the relaxation that the Don Diego Lonsdale provides.  The burn is even and doesn’t overheat, and the smoke starts cool and stays that way.  The flavor of the Don Diego is very mellow, but far from bland.  The tone is mainly woody with floral notes.  There are some subtle hints of fruitiness blended in during the later part of the smoke.  All in all, this is a classy cigar which goes great with a drink in the evening while you relax alone or with friends.  It would also make a great cigar for beginning smokers since it’s light but interesting.  It offers some surprising intricacy for such an airy blend, and doesn’t overwhelm with intense flavors or heady smoke.

One of the best things about this cigar is the price.  You can purchase the Don Diego for $4.00, and if you search for a bargain, you might get as low as $2.00.  For such a low cost, the quality of the construction is certainly impressive.  Fans of lighter cigars will enjoy the relaxing quality of the Don Diego, and even connoisseurs of heavier, darker blends should find something to interest them in the medley of notes in the Don Diego.  The Don Diego Lonsdale is a wonderful value and proves that a light cigar can have every bit as memorable and elegant a character as something fuller bodied.

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