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Natural Juicy Lucy

Cigar Reviews Drew Estate Juicy Lucy


The Natural Juicy Lucy is a tiny cigar developed by Drew Estate. Drew Estate, the creator of Acid cigars and other favorites, is based in Nicaragua. Founded in 1998 by two college friends, Jonathan Drew and Marvin Samel, the brand struggled for years to grab the attention of the cigar smoking public. Finally all the hard work paid off handsomely; Drew Estate is now a well respected brand with a global audience. The Juicy Lucy represents just one innovative product in a creative line.

This diminutive cigar measures just 3×38 and fits easily in the palm of the hand. The filler and body are both Nicaraguan and the wrapper is Cameroon. This is a mild to medium body cigar with medium strength, designed for a short but satisfying smoke.

The veins on the wrapper are fine, and the prelight scent emanating from the cigar is caramel. The Juicy Lucy is a little tricky to light, owing to its short size; this is pretty much unavoidable. Once you get it lit though, it burns nicely, and the ash stacks on to a good inch before dropping off. The draw is perfect throughout the thirty minute smoke.

Despite its small size (and price), Juicy Lucy offers an abundance of flavor. Caramel starts off this smoke, and then blooms into a blend of leather, coffee with cream, and some delicate chocolate notes.

You can get a 5 pack of Juicy Lucy cigars for $17.00. These are perfect for those times when you don’t have much time to enjoy your smoke; they’re great for a lunch break or for smoking on the go during a busy day. They also work well for introducing friends to cigars without having to worry about your friends giving up halfway through an hour long smoke.

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