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Arturo Fuente Curly Head

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The Arturo Fuente Curly Head is an inexpensive smoke produced by a well established brand which originated in 1912 in Tampa, Florida. A fire in the brand’s factory put a halt to production from 1924 to 1930, but they made a comeback and nothing since then has stood in their way—not even two more fires which burned down two subsequent factories. Originally Arturo Fuente cigars were made from Cuban tobacco, but after the embargo they moved their base to Nicaragua. Their second factory was burned down by the Sandinistas. After relocating to Honduras, their third factory was destroyed as well. The company moved two more times and is now located in the Dominican Republic, where in spite of many hardships, they now operate six factories.

The Arturo Fuente Curly Head is low end in terms of price, at just $2.25 per cigar. You might think this means this cigar has a low value, but there you’d be wrong. . While the price might ring some alarm bells, as well as the rustic exterior of the cigar, this cigar has become a favorite for many smokers. Measuring 6 1/2 x 43 inside a maduro wrapper, it offers mild smoke with a light volume. The filler is made of premium cigar scraps.

The construction of this cigar looks simple, but it’s a good, solid build stick. The burn can be a tad uneven, but the draw is nice. This is a pleasantly surprising cigar with a fantastic flavor. There is a touch of sweetness and a delightful vanilla caramel blend to the flavor. To keep things from getting too uniform, there are moments of peppery spiciness which increase toward the end of the smoke, but never drown out the other flavors and aromas.

Don’t be turned away by the price or appearance of this cigar; it may be one of the best buys you can get at such a low cost. It’s a cheap price, but not a cheap cigar!

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