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The Differences Between a Cigar Ashtray and a Pipe Ashtray

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These days, cigar ashtrays come in all shapes, sizes and materials.  Meanwhile, pipe ashtrays remain highly popular among pipe enthusiasts.  Many believe that the two are virtually the same product, although this is far from the case.  As you’ll see, the two types of ashtrays are very different, although sometimes difficult to tell apart.

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Proper Ways to Store Your Smoking Pipes

Pipe How To's pipe smokers pipes storage tips

  Pipe smokers should endeavor to have a good storage space. The container you choose will depend on how long it will be before using the stored pipes. However, before you pick a container, you need to understand tobacco storage. Storage tips Moisture content of your tobacco may affect its smoke as well as taste. If it is too dry or too wet, it will not have a pleasant smoke. Therefore, you need to put it in a sealed container away from sunlight. Do not put your pipes in a cigar humidor or refrigerator. In a refrigerator, the tobacco will...

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Learn How To Smoke a Pipe

Pipe How To's Pipe Relevant Pipes

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Light Your Pipe Like a Pro

flame lighting packing the pipe tobacco Pipe How To's pipes tips

Other than packing properly, lighting can be one of the more difficult things for new pipe smokers to get right. A lot depends on the method and the tools that you choose, and in some cases the habits you develop when you’re starting out. Mostly, pipe smokers use wood matches (paper matches from gas stations or convenience stores should never be used), butane lighters, or liquid fuel lighters. All three will invariably get the job done, but there are pros and cons of both. The second part of it is the actual method of lighting the tobacco. We’ll touch on...

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When To Use a Cigar Lighter or a Pipe Lighter

Cigar How To's cigars effects lighters pipes smoking

Many people believe all lighters are the same, or at least they all work the same. This is an enormous misconception. Lighters come in all different shapes and sizes, with varying functionalities depending on what you’re smoking. Knowing the difference will save you the awkward moment of trying to burn a large cigar outdoors with a Bic lighter, or completely torching your pipe’s bowl with a cigar lighter. Cigars fall into the higher quality category of smoking. Most are hand rolled with premium tobacco, perfectly formulated to create an incomparable smoking experience. This experience always begins with lighting the cigar,...

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