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The Differences Between a Cigar Ashtray and a Pipe Ashtray

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Now that you’ve picked up the perfect humidor, the most efficient lighter and, of course, the best cigars imaginable, it’s time to invest in an ashtray.  After all, without an ashtray, you’re going to end up making quite a mess.

 These days, cigar ashtrays come in all shapes, sizes and materials.  Meanwhile, pipe ashtrays remain highly popular among pipe enthusiasts.  Many believe that the two are virtually the same product, although this is far from the case.  As you’ll see, the two types of ashtrays are very different, although sometimes difficult to tell apart.

 Cigar Ashtrays

 The main way to tell if an ashtray is intended for cigar use is to look for cigar-shaped indentations around the perimeter.  Most standard cigar ashtrays have four indentations so that four smokers can share one ashtray.  These indentations are perfectly crafted to fit standard cigar shapes and sizes.  They allow you to safely rest your cigar inside of the indentation so that your hands can be temporarily free.  They also allow you to temporarily put out your cigar and leave it in the space so that you can easily return to it later.

 Cigar ashtrays tend to have large bowls so that they can contain enough ash for several cigars.  They come in a wide range of sizes, although larger ones are usually more practical if you typically enjoy a session with your buddies.

 They’re also sturdier than cigarette ashtrays and are usually made from marble or ceramic material, although they can really come in any type of material.

 Pipe Ashtrays

 A pipe ashtray, like a cigar ashtray, has a large bowl so that it can hold a good deal of ash.  It’s also usually found in ceramic or marble material.  What makes a pipe ashtray unique is that it contains a small indentation near the perimeter that’s designed for the size and shape of a standard pipe bowl.  This allows the smoker to easily rest the pipe in the indentation throughout their smoking session.

 Can You Use Them Interchangeably?

 Technically, you can do whatever you want.  If, for instance, you’re a cigar smoker who has fallen in love with a rare, luxurious pipe ashtray, by all means, grab it.  Just realize that it will be more difficult to rest your cigar inside the ashtray when you’re not smoking it.

 Another thing to consider is that antique ashtrays can look quite similar.  Once upon a time, pipe ashtrays and cigar ashtrays didn’t always have those specially shaped indentations.

 The bottom line is that an ashtray is an ashtray.  If it can safely and adequately contain your ash, that’s really all that you need.

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